Dayan Viciedo Blasted His First Grandslam In The NPB, Off Josh Lueke

(Must watch video, Dayan Viciedo’s clutch grandslam.)

Truly an awesome sight to see yesterday as new Chunichi Dragons addition, former White Sox Dayan Viciedo (ダヤン・ビシエド), 27 years old… Blasted his first grandslam playing in Japan, facing off against Tokyo Yakult Swallows reliever Josh Lueke (blegh…) in the bottom of the 8th inning, with his team trailing 1-3 in the game, Dayan Viciedo blasted one deep to left centerfield for a grandslam to give Chunichi a 5-3 lead in the late innings, winning the game by that score via the come from behind grandslam. Viciedo finished the game going 1 for 4.

Dayan Viciedo is currently off to a blazing hot start right now, owning a batting line of .366/.695/.469 with 7 homeruns and 20 RBI’s in 23 games played so far (30 for 82 in the ongoing season, with 6 doubles), also with more walks (13) than strikeouts (11) in the regular season… Also a sight to behold as Viciedo is also leading some of the offensive category playing in their division… In the NPB Central League, Dayan Viciedo is so far leading all players (batters) in batting average and slugging percentage, hitting .366 and .695 respectively… and currently standing at second place in OBP with .469… just behind Hiroshima Carp outfielder Yoshihiro Maru (丸 佳浩) in that category… Dayan Viciedo is also tied with/among 4 players in the CL hitting 7 homeruns, and second in RBI’s with 20… just behind Mauro Gomez‘ (マウロ・ゴメス) 25 RBI’s in the season playing for the Hanshin Tigers.


5 thoughts on “Dayan Viciedo Blasted His First Grandslam In The NPB, Off Josh Lueke

    • A quick story: I’ve attended games at Tokyo Stadium (Yomiuri Giants 2, Hanshin Tigers 1), Koshein Stadium (Kobe; Hanshin Tigers 2, Yomiuri Giants 1), and best of all, Hiroshima stadium (Carp 11, Swallows 3). The two Yomiuri-Hanshin games were terrific because of the close score and the great pitching, but the Hiroshima game was remarkable because the old mercantile mart or “Bomb Dome” in the Peace Park, the building the Enola Gay’s bombardier used as ground zero yet remained standing when everything else around it was flattened, is visible between the mezzanine and scoreboard in left field. You want depth and resonance with your baseball? Nowhere else on Earth will you find it served up quite like that.

      Another treat: just across the street to the west of the Tokyo Dome is Koishikawa Korakuen, one of the oldest (begun in 1629) and most utterly beautiful, elegant royal gardens in Tokyo. “Korakuen” means “enjoy afterward,” and yeah, it makes for a wonderful stroll after a game. Let the classical garden design help dissipate the toxins of vicarious competitiveness from your soul and make a perfect day at the ballpark more perfect still.


  1. One of the very few instances where I would have preferred to see a de facto double on a blistering line drive orf the pitcher’s kneecap that ricochets into the dugout,

    However, I’ll settle for his mere humiliation.

    Why do teams keep giving that sack of maggots work?

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