So, What Did I Miss: Write Your Own Adventure (4/24/16)

I hope to help start your Sunday off right.

Blake Snell is giving me the good vibrations. He’s giving me the excitations. Good, good, good, good vibrations…

The beautifully ambitious, revolutionary, and symphonic song which heralded the start of a new era in music seems appropriate for Blake Snell, the latest pitcher that the Tampa Bay Rays have unleashed onto Major League Baseball. Watching the young man, after a rather disastrous first inning, settle himself–even strike out the side–at the mythical Yankee Stadium, well, what a sensation, what an elation.  During an interview recorded prior to the game, the kid said his idol growing up was Alex Rodriguez. He was most excited to face him. How fantastic is that? Facing your childhood idol in your major league debut. I can’t even. Gotta keep those lovin’ good vibrations a-happenin’… This song is perfect.

The Rays lost the battle, 3-2, to the Yankees, but I have lots of reason to smile if Snell is the future of my team.

The arms race will help us win the war. I may have 99 problems, but a pitcher ain’t one. Gardner with the walk-off homer. Sterling with the call at about the minute mark: Gardy go yardy. Listen only if you hate life and want to die.

Is he, you know, a little slow, to put it delicately? Bless his soul. If I knew he had some sort of disorder,  I would be patient with Sterling then because I know he can’t help being the way he is. No? He’s just really annoying? Ah. Just checking.  Someday, I won’t hold back and I will tell you all how I really feel about John Sterling.

Funny story, my son had a potty accident at the exact same time that walk-off happened. So the Yankees won and my son shat his pants simultaneously. Yep, yep. Seemed apropos. #momlife

Both the Braves and Cubs, our polyamory practicing professor’s favorite teams, lost tonight. To her I say, don’t worry, baby. Everything will turn out alright.

Well, everything will be okay for the Cubs in 2016. Eventually things will be okay with the Braves, but it’ll be awhile.

The Reds finally awoke from their slumber and used their lumber versus the Cubs, winning 13-5. Momma said they’d be days like this. In case your momma didn’t tell you, I am telling you right now. There will be days like this. You just have to move on. The funny thing is that Lackey had a no hitter going for a little bit, but then completely fell apart, finally taking his first loss of the season, allowing 6 runs in 5 2/3. Eugenio Suarez, Adam Duvall, Scott Schleber, and Joey Votto all hit homers in the winning effort.

The Braves look at the Reds in awe because they have a total of 3 home runs as a team this year. The entire team.


This, and a team .OPS of .590, does not bode well for their future in 2016.  I’m sorry, Barves fans. I really didn’t realize it was this bad. I won’t pick on you so badly. I remember the lean years for my team too. I’ll still pick on your team, but more gently.

The Braves fell to the Mets 8-2 as Steve Matz just had his way with them, striking out 8 in 6 1/3. This one was never close.

Let’s see what is happening out west. I wish they all could be California pitchers like Kenta Maeda (via Japan).

He flirted with a no-no tonight. Yeah, I dig the Los Angeles pitcher. Since his debut: Maeda (4-0), lowered his league-leading ERA to 0.36. Wrap your head around that. The Dodgers won 4-1 over the Rockies.  Maeda vs. Arietta would be a fun match-up. Make it happen.

How good is Maeda? His four start debut is phenomenal and historical. Beyond belief. The best ever. He has allowed only ONE run in four starts. UNO. That’s it. It’s impossible to sustain, but goodness, my.

“Since 1913, 76 pitchers have begun their careers with four consecutive quality starts, but Maeda is the only one to allow only one earned run. Dave Ferriss of the 1945 Red Sox allowed two runs; Wayne Simpson of the 1970 Reds allowed two runs; Stu Miller of the 1952 Cardinals allowed three runs and Steve Rogers of the 1973 Expos allowed three runs.”

Have I mentioned I’m a fan? Yep, I’m a fan. I’m totally geeking out over here! Maeda faced Nolan Arenado AND Trevor Story last night, and he didn’t give up a home run. That alone is the stuff of legend, really.

Trout finally seems to be TROUT again, after a slow start.

I love Pet Sounds. It proved that pop music could be transcendent and ambitious. It makes me very happy, as does Trout hitting because it means that all that is right and good in this world is where it should be.

“He actually surprised me early in the year with his struggles, man. He surprised you with the hits that he got. Balls weren’t blistering off [his bat], but he got the job done. And right now he’s turned it back around and he’s the old Trouty again.” — Hector Santiago on Trout getting back on track, reaching base in 11 of his last 16 plate appearances to put his slash line at .302/.408/.508

Last night, the Angels–I will spell them correctly, they have earned it–played against the King. Felix Hernandez recorded a bit of history of his own, surpassing Randy Johnson for his team’s record in strikeouts. The Angels won, 4-2, on the strength of Trout’s bat.


Oakland, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?????? Josh Donaldson. That is all. I would honestly love to know. Why? Why? You gave him up for practically nothing. He seems determined to make you not forget it either. Also, quit trying to hit him on purpose. You were the dummies. Blue Jays win, 9-3, because they have Josh Donaldson and you don’t.


I know there’s an answer, Billy Beane. 

I’m taking my kiddos to Honeymoon Island Beach early this morning, so the recap is a condensed one. Please fill us in on what happened in your ‘hood. Please don’t forget your song. You get points deducted otherwise. 🙂



20 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss: Write Your Own Adventure (4/24/16)

  1. I’m really happy to see Kenta Maeda doing very well there in the Major Leagues, no doubt he’s making a lot of Carp fans proud on the phenomenal things he has done there right now. This is only just the beginning for MaeKen, I’m expecting more great things to happen for him this year.

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    1. He is fantastic. Looks like he was able to jump into the league right away, with absolutely no adjustment period. Even Yu Darvish had to settle in a bit, but Maeda is the real deal. Can’t wait to see more from him!

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    2. He has totally blown me away. Trying to analyze him as best I could before the season, I really didn’t think he would have an out pitch at the MLB level. How wrong I was.

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  2. oakland has more than 16 HRs? did they his 5 in the loss yestersday? I don’t remember 16 HRs.

    anyway, missed the game. I was watching 2 other baseball games. The seals won, the Missions lost.

    also, from reading a recap of the A’s game there were a couple of HBP, I fail to see why that was necessary. I especially doubt Liam hendriks would hit his former teammate on purpose. please people stop hitting others.


  3. News Flash! Feesh Continue to Suck! Filleted 7-2 by Jints! Scrooge McLoria Orders Construction of Guillotine at Macondo Banana Massacre Field!

    And Jar Jar Baseball has every reason to be nervous. The Feesh sank to 5-11 last night in what is rapidly becoming a replay of last season’t prat-out-of-the-gate. No matter how far gone upstairs Scrooge McLoria might be, I bet you enough ions are jumping his plaque-caked synapses to know that his celebrity manager can’t get his guys to heat up for doodly squat. He reminds me of the doomed prospector in Jack London’s “To Build a Fire,” and I think he’ll be lucky to last until the next “Bark at the Park” day when he can next find a convenient dogskin to inhabit. Yes, tropics or not, the Feesh are that cold.

    It was, to be honest, another game I barely watched. For one thing, the sublime local folk band Box of Light was playing up at the world famous Luna Star Cafe directly across the street from the Museum of Contemporary Kitsch in North Macondo, For another, I had spent most of the day raking palm nuts out of my Japanese rock garden in a misbegotten effort to “work orf” the previous evening’s epic Passover dinner and was just too tired to stay up until the wee hours watching a spiritless team flail at their own karma only to make ambiguous undulations as they sank downward to darkness on extended fins. The Rainbow Warriors promulgated two runs on a triple by Marcell the Damned and Derek Dietrick the Occasional, nicely spaced by about four innings, like a fractal sponge.

    I will say that it is a team effort: everyone sucks, even the…heh, heh…hitting coach. Last night El Keed continued to have problems locating his pitches, all of them, and gave up four runs in six innings. The rest of the team, of course, managed a couple of runs while leaving the bases studded with strandees. I haven’t had the heart to look up their RISP average – I was never much good with negative numbers anyway. The battle of the basement remained static as the Barves slid to defeat again as well.

    Here’s your strange attractor for the day. This one appears to be yesterday’s Fibonacci attractor in the process of being torn apart by the 2016 season’s intensifying gossamer reality waves:

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  4. First of all, I approve of all of this Beach Boys music. The Beach Boys are my favorite American band (and yes, this is important, because all of my other favorite bands hail from either England or Ireland). Even the sad music makes me feel good. When I was a little girl, my favorite song was “In My Room” – mostly because it felt like it was an autobiography. But I was obsessed with this song, too, which shows you what kind of kid I was.

    You’ve already hit up so many of my favorite Beach Boys songs – “God Only Knows” – a song I love so much that I had it play while we sat guests at my wedding oh so many years ago – “Wouldn’t it Be Nice”, which makes me think happy thoughts about the future even though it’s kinda sad, because you’re away from the one you love and want to be with, even though you really can’t be, “Don’t Worry Baby” – which really is a lovely tribute to the lady in Brian Wilson’s very troubled life. And no, not THAT Brian Wilson, the actual genius Brian Wilson. 😛 “I Know There’s An Answer” – love that song, too.

    I was out a lot of the day yesterday, but in my car while I was out and about I was able to listen to a large portion of the Orioles/Royals game. The Royals broadcast was the one I had access to. Their commercials are….interesting, to say the least. Mike Moustaksis, for example, can’t read commercial copy to save his life. And last night, the Royals couldn’t defend to save their lives. There was a time when the Orioles were coming on strong, can’t remember who was at bat (maybe our friend Scout might remember), but the Royals had NO ONE on second, allowing a run. And then almost immediately afterwards, Hosmer showed us why he got his Gold Glove (/sarcasm) by doing something boneheaded and allowing another Bird base runner.

    But the thing I remember most is that I had to get out of the car for a little bit. When I left, Tyler Wilson was still pitching for Baltimore. When I got back into the car, they were discussing the Birds’ pitcher without using a name, but that he had allowed two people on base and was pitching poorly to the next guy. My first thought was “Oh Jesus, they’ve put in Matusz!” And it turned out I was right. LOL So, in honor of my initial reaction of “Matusz, no!” I offer you another all time favorite Beach Boys song.


    1. Speaking of Caliphonyian surf music, my late pal Al Shapiro was an experienced rock world exec and functionary. Among his sundry tasks was road manager for Jan and Dean during their several Dead Man’s Curve “nostalgia” tours, after the movie of that name detailed Jan Barry’s idiotic skateboarding accident that left him brain damaged and his difficult near-recovery. Jan had the stage presence of a malfunctioning android after that, but he went back on stage anyway and….awww, you all don’t really want to hear those stories, do you? I mean, they’re all in such/i> poor taste….

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      1. Ah, Jan and Dean. That was the first CD I ever purchased, with chore money. Thank you, Woolworth’s Five and Dime. 😛

        Yeah, no one wants to hear those stories, they are actually pretty sad. 😦


  5. The Gods were kind to me yesterday.

    My son and his ten year old son came over for pizza and to help me with stuff around the house, so I missed the Twins game.

    While I was playing catch with my grandson, the Twins struck out 18 times. Every starter struck out twice except for Rosario who struck out once and Sano who struck out three times. This was at the hands of Tanner Roark, the Nat’s number 5 starter who is projected to get 6 k’s per 9 innings this year. He punched out 15 Twins over 7 and the Nat’s bullpen added another three.

    Check out the game write up over at Twinkie Town. It includes a picture of one of the Gods disguised as Tanner Roark

    Today our mighty batsmen go against Strasberg. The game starts in an hour and I’m considering hitting the KFC buffet instead.

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    1. This is really ominous. Roark’s previous high in strikeouts was 11, which in itself was a bit of an outlier because his next best number of punchouts in a game is eight.


  6. Pineda getting destroyed by the Rays in the first inning today. Just inexcusable for a guy with his stuff to have such frequent meltdowns.


    1. The problem is that even when he misses, he’s still in zone. So instead of just being balls the pitches get tattooed. It’s why he doesn’t really live up to the level his K/BB would seem to indicate he should be at.


  7. Alfredo “Big Pasta” Simon gave up three runs in the first against the Cubs in Cincinnati today, which is an improvement over the 5-spot the Cubs hung on him in the first inning when he faced them a little over a week ago in Wrigley.

    LaStella is batting leadoff while Fowler gets a day off, and already has a pair of doubles in the 2nd inning.


      1. Cubs have beat up on plenty of pitchers so far this year, and will likely continue to do so, but Simon is quickly carving out a spot as the most abused.

        2 starts, 3.1 IP, 13 ER….which is an ERA of roughly 74839.18


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