Yovani Gallardo Expected To Spend Time On DL

Orioles starter Yovani Gallardo is expected to spend some time on the DL after leaving last night’s start against Kansas City with shoulder discomfort.  Gallardo gave up 5 hits and 4 runs in just 2 innings last night and has been experiencing a drop off in velocity all season.  The previously durable Gallardo began experiencing discomfort in his bullpen warmup session, and had a difficult time locating pitches.  Gallardo for his part does not sound very confident.

“My shoulder just didn’t feel right. To be honest, it was one of those feelings that I’ve never had my whole career,” he said. That’s a particularly alarming admission from a player who signed a two-year deal with the Orioles in February after the team nixed an agreed-upon third year because of a shoulder problem that came to the forefront in Gallardo’s physical. The 30-year-old has also experienced a notable velocity drop this season, which manager Buck Showalter acknowledged Friday. “I’ve done all the looks at his average velocity in April and May. Every start I’ve looked at them. He’s down,” Showalter said.

Gallardo has flown back to Baltimore for further examination.  Gallardo made a lot of headlines this off-season when he failed the Oriole’s notoriously difficult physical.  He and the Orioles eventually restructured his deal as a result.  A lot of people tend to make fun of the O’s in-depth physicals, however this is one case where it may have been justified.  In one way, the move will help alleviate a potential roster problem as the Orioles are expected to activate Brian Matusz before tonight’s game and expect to have starter Kevin Gausman available for Monday’s game.

2 thoughts on “Yovani Gallardo Expected To Spend Time On DL

  1. So it might possibly be shoulder tendinitis. Ouch. I remember when the Orioles were first looking at Gallardo; who has never had a major shoulder problem in his career. When they were putting him through the paces during the physical and saw something that made them take a second look, I actually wondered what in the world they were seeing. But it appears that we all wondered incorrectly; Yo has not been his normal self this entire year and this shoulder thing is probably why.

    Best of luck to Yo and next time I might think twice before thinking twice about wondering about the results of an Orioles physical.

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    1. Baltimore has a very good medical team but I wonder if they aren’t too cover your own ass and lawyerly? I’ve got to believe they report directly to Angelos, if he’s not handpicked them from his ” expert ” medical witnesses, and you guys are so close to being a perennial power house, I just wonder if Balmer is just too risk adverse?

      I’m under the impression that insurance covers like 70% of the salary for a year, that’s 30 cents on a dollar, screw it, go all in! Balmer can spend like the Yankees and Sox, your ownership just won’t. It’s a fucking shame that all ownership in one way or another, are like that.

      If I was a GM, I would give up 3-4 year contracts like ketamine at the Kentucky Derbies. I would over pay like hell for 29-32 year olds with good defense, good OBP and good plate discipline, if you have power..that’s a fucking bonus….clog those bases muthahfackahs..yeah right….we’d score ten runs a game with six hits!

      My criteria for pitchers? Control and letting them pitch to contact, if I did my homework on the defense then, They are gonna be fine. ALL baseball players are mercenaries, you’re rooting for friggan laundry anyway, WHY Not offer three more million more a season? They ALL want to be paid but if you’re the Orioles with a great young core, all you have to really do is convince three good free agents to give up a couple years of guaranteed security for an almost relentless fucking juggernaut and by year two I signed three or four more and you are offering ME a hometown fucking discount!

      Also remember that I’m a greeter at k-Mart….and they don’t have greeters at k-Mart, or at least that’s how the police explained it after the assistant manager got through choking me. What, those carts got brought back by themselves? Pay me you corporate whore*.

      *I’m pretty, pretty fucking proud that I had to add ” whore ” to my spell check tonight considering my using this mother fucking, cock sucking, oops, had to add cock, wow! I’ve had this kindle for about 18 months and I had to add Whore, just had to add the capital W to whore….the fucking rabbit hole I’m going down is a labyrinth of fucking horror, where ( FUN Fact, whenever I type a W, Whore comes up first, my Kindle knows me and loves me unconditionally) if I have a day off, Scouts should let me post a column on just how my Kindle predicted my utter foul fucking mouth…kinda like a choose your own fucking adventure!


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