Matt Murton Would Like To Play Again In Japan This Season

(Translated, via JP

It wasn’t really that long when Matt Murton (34 years old) returned to play in the US, but after signing a minor league contract with the Chicago Cubs in early February of this year, he said in a statement in the link above that he would like to return and play some Yakyu in Japan again… Media outlet Sankei news has it that this upcoming mid-May, Matt Murton will approach his agent and see if there’s any NPB teams out there that are still interested in him, and… fortunately for him, there is one team from the Central League that has shown early interest in Matt Murton, the Yokohama DENA Baystars, with former Major Leaguer Alex Ramirez as their new manager this season.

The Yokohama DENA Baystars organization said that the team would still like to add another foreign player in their roster this season to improve their offense… and Matt Murton, with his NPB experience, seems that he would be a likely fit. Matt Murton is said to be looking for a deal in the 100 million Yen range with some added incentives… while the money contract may still be a tad low on what Hanshin gave him throughout his years playing with them, the money contract he is looking for is still pretty high compared to his minor league deal with the Cubs… And also, knowing Murton’s track record and popularity in Japan, there’s a pretty high chance that he’ll be playing in the NPB again (if not retire there), and no doubt other NPB teams (other than Yokohama) as well will/might also consider signing him, that is if his plans for this upcoming May is still set in motion. Matt Murton’s NPB career stats can be seen here.

Matt Murton is currently batting .333/.300/.444 (3 for 9 with 3 RBI’s) in 4 games played with Triple-A Iowa Cubs this season.


8 thoughts on “Matt Murton Would Like To Play Again In Japan This Season

    • Japan’s NPB has its nice points, no doubt about that. But with the KBO’s dancing Pikachu’s, immense fan service, disco stadiums and awesome first pitches? I’d pick that league over the NPB.


      • Yabut, Ren, you’re forgetting the best part of the Japanese leagues. Video games in the bathrooms, sushi from a friggan vending machine and they ALWAYS bring out these 22 year old J-POP hotties with major Daddy issues!

        You’re talking Old Slappy’s fucking wheelhouse right there, DADDY FRIGGAN ISSUES my man, on a good day I only get three or nine drinks thrown in my face, maybe a punch or two, oh yeah, at least two and MAYBE a couple slaps but, I am almost never arrested! The best part of it all?

        When I finally stumble home alone enveloped in bruises, cuts and covered in white Russians and the stench of desperation and failure, I always get the phone number from at least one smart gal and invariably it will in reality be some random fucking restaurant…… but, at least my wife and I always order a pizza from a new place!

        Cheers my esteemed foreign journalist, Cheers indeed👑

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    • The Cubs outfield is pretty stack though, Sczur, Heyward, Fowler, Soler and not to mention there’s also prospect Almora. Murton is probably nothing more than just minor league depth there in the Cubs org. I still think a return for him in the NPB is still a possibility.

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      • I won’t completely disagree with you but I will say that uprooting a family of six twice in less than a year is pretty hard and in some ways, unfair to the kids and even the family stateside. It’s a huge sacrifice for him to return to NPB especially knowing that his career there would not be more than this year and maybe next…

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