FI Home Run Derby – Week 4 Selections

You all know what this is by now, right? Pick a player you haven’t picked before, hope they hit a HR, rinse, repeat.

All of us still alive in the Elimination pool — myself, historiophiliac, nbjays, indaburg, Paper Lions, and yahmule — have already advanced to next week.  So pick like your HR Derby lives depend on it, because they do.

If you are participating in both contests, you are free to pick different players for each contest each week. Just be sure to specify which is which.

Picks for this week will be due before the first pitch of the first game on Monday April 25th. You may deposit your picks in the comments below.

19 thoughts on “FI Home Run Derby – Week 4 Selections

  1. My man Mookie Betts seems to be swinging the bat well, I got him. If I have already been eliminated….well then I still hope he hits ten taters and gets twenty five rib eye’s😉


    1. Since you missed the first week, you were never even entered in the elimination pool.

      You are in the full season pool though, and nobody ever gets eliminated from that one. Just keep picking guys every week and however has the biggest grand total of HRs at the end of the season wins absolutely nothing.


      1. Can I have my nothing bronzed though? Like, can I preorder like 5 sheets of bronze, or if my nothing is really small, maybe I should just melt our wedding rings. Thanks for the reply. Cheers


  2. It’s time for me to jinx another player! This time I’m going with Paul Goldschmidt. Sorry, Diamondbacks, the curse of the Professor is real and it is going to strike your team soon like a snake bite.

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