Did You See That? (4/22/2016)

Welcome back to Did You See That?  Our sometimes daily feature where we give you a look at some of the great and or funny plays that happened last night in the world of Major League Baseball™.  I’m not sure if you heard or not, but a former Oriole did something pretty great last night.  He will always be a former Oriole to me.  I have absolutely no ill will toward Jake.  I fondly remember watching him pitch many times, often absolutely dominating through 4 innings, then in the 5th, just completely deconstructs, for no good reason at all.  You always knew it was just a matter of getting it all to click for him, and unfortunately, it started to seem like it was a thing that was simply never going to happen in Baltimore.  I remember his struggles and how hard he worked to overcome them, even spending time with a psychologist to put it all together.  So, I am extremely happy to see him finally put it all together and show the promise we once saw in him.  Congratulations to you Mr. Arrieta.  Your success is well deserved.  Of course Jake was not the only one to play ball last night.  See what happened below.

Jake’s Special Night


Alex Gordon went a very long way to get this one


Clayton Kershaw shows off something….new


Joey Rickard is such a beast even Josh Donaldson can’t handle it.


Kris Bryant may have been a little out-shadowed last night, but still had a pretty impressive performance himself.


Martin Prado had a little help in his post game interview

2 thoughts on “Did You See That? (4/22/2016)

  1. Fun Fact – Kris Bryant hit a 2-run HR in the top of the 1st inning in both of Arrieta’s no-hitters.

    Against the Dodgers, those would end up being the only runs of the game. Against the Reds, they managed to scrape a few more across as the game went on.


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