That Which Cannot Be Said Alert. Update: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Update: Jake Arrieta with his SECOND CAREER NO HITTER. Seriously, man. You might want to spread these out.

His line: 9 IP/o R/o H/6 K/4 BB. Very democratic.

What was more impressive. His team went on an offensive Juggernaut. His arm was iced by his own team between innings and it didn’t affect him.

Turn on Cubs – Reds. That is all. No jinx. Turn on the game. Trust me.

12 thoughts on “That Which Cannot Be Said Alert. Update: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  1. If you use Arrieta’s no-hitters as bookmarks, he’s made 9 starts between Aug 30th in Los Angeles and tonight in Cincinnati. In those starts…

    8-0 record
    68 IP
    66 Ks
    6 BBs
    37 hits
    That’s a 0.66 ERA and 0.63 WHIP

    These are all good numbers.

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    1. On the back of the envelope math that I tend to make up…..There’s a really good chance that those numbers may even go down if he’s gonna throw 29 more no-not ! But what do I know?


  2. This is the highest scoring no-hitter since the 1880’s, when the Buffalo Bisons no-hit the Detroit Wolverines 18-0.

    I don’t know what baseball looked like 130-something years ago….but I imagine everyone had a handlebar mustache and played without gloves.

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      1. Thanks for the link, but I just moved and yada, yada, yada no internet connection yet except for the woman next to me who decided to use 1234# for her password! She only took the cheapest download and as she has to use it ( fucking bitch) to check her Facebook ( selfish right? I fucking told you!) Anyway, I only stream something that I really need to watch on my phone.

        If she called up and bitches about not being able to make everyone hate her for Farmville unrequited requests, then they will tell her to change her password. Slappy doesn’t want to have to type in 4321# to get access again.

        That’s like five digits…. no one’s got time for that shit!

        Cheers on a great win.


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