Did You See That? (4/21/2016)

Work prevented me from my highlight duties yesterday, but fear not, I have returned to bring you the best MLB videos of the day!  I have a lunch meeting, so let’s get right into it.


Aaron Hicks plays for one of my division rivals, and he was gracious enough to inform us do NOT RUN ON HIS ARM by throwing out Danny Valencia trying to tag up at home.  Statcast measured his trow at 105.5 mph.  That’s the highest recorded in the short Statcast history.  Impressive!


Adam Jones took a base hit away from Jose Bautista and prevented a key run from scoring.  The runner apparently thought there was no way in hell Jones would make the catch, because he didn’t bother to tag up in the first place.  Once Jones made the play, it was too late.  Fear not, the run ended up scoring anyways when the next batter roped a hit into left.


Melvin Upton Jr. ruined Matt Joyce’s day by bringing this one back into the park.


Mike Trout had a pretty hard time getting to second base yesterday.


Adam Rosale makes a pretty impressive stop and throw at the HOT corner.


I mean, if I escaped from the Zoo, the first thing I’d do is catch a ballgame, so you can’t really blame him.


6 thoughts on “Did You See That? (4/21/2016)

  1. Springer had a beautiful diving catch in right field last night against Prince Fielder. All was in vain because the Astros can’t hit with RISP, but it was still great to watch.

    [mlbvideo id="606475683?topic_id=6479266" width="400" height="224" /]


        1. Houston HEROs instead of Astros? Of course, your former mayor’s wrong about Houston passing Chitown, unless they’re building those Asian houses on stilts.


      1. You never quit when you’re ahead, do you? RISP Krispies was quite good, but then ” HERO’s”? Bad, low energy, losery, lacking substance and I shall now tweet about you mercilessly calling you little Socratic.😉


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