So, What Did I Miss?* (4/20/16)

So many good games last night and I have to be at work at 0730! Let’s not waste any time with first names and introductions and jump right in, shall we?

Padres manager did some sinnin’ last night as he popped his manager cherry last night:  he was ejected for the first time during his career in his team’s 5 – 4 win over the Cubs. He was rung up arguing balk reversals and I’m guessing he called the umpire the one thing you never call an umpire.

I do not blame Green for arguing. A balk was called on GI disorder and pitcher Colin Rea. One, it didn’t look like a balk. Two, the call was then reversed, only then to be reversed AGAIN, allowing McCutchen to score. Balks are a bit subjective and the whole thing was kinda bullshit.

Derek Norris, Wil Myers, and Adam Rosales supported their team’s effort with the long ball.

I literally laughed out loud when I read this: Frenchy and Tyler Flowers combined for five RBIs against former Braves pitcher Alex Wood… 2005 called. It wants its sentence back. And 2005 called again. It wants this joke back. And stop calling me, 2005. I don’t pick up the phone or listen to voice mail. Text me, you dumb ass year.

After losing 9 straight to start the season, Atlanta is hot, winning four straight, and shaking the Dodgers all night long in a 8 – 1 win over the much better on paper Dodgers thanks to the firepower of the mighty Jeff Francouer. I like him personally… I am still laughing.

Silver Boot ’16 is a thing? It’s a thing. Apparently, there is a rivalry in Texas between Houston and the Rangers. I didn’t even think Texas was aware they had baseball teams. Prince Fielder says it is a friendly rivalry and no one has taken anyone heads off yet. That’s a good thing, I guess. I liked heated rivalries though. They are fun. We’ll get to a couple of those in a bit. The Ranger took the first game of the series, 7 – 5, on the strength of one of Fielder’s homers. Derek Holland with the win, Tolleson with the save.

Here’s one of them heated rivalries. The Cubs and Cardinals played the second game of their series, with the Cubs putting the business to the Cardinals again, 2 – 1. Hear that, Cardinals?

Jason Hammel pitched wonderfully for ursus, allowing only one run to the Red Birds. Oh, and Heyward did this against the Cardinals to show them what they’re missing. You miss him, much? You should.

The Cubs are more than lucky. They are good. But usually, you need to be both lucky and good to win.

Speaking of being both lucky and good, my baby boy Kevin Kiermaier hit the go ahead homer run in another rivalry in Boston.

He jogged so fast around the bases, he almost lost his helmet reaching home. Every day he’s hustlin’. It’s all the scoring the Rays would need as the Rays would win the game 3 – 0 in 10 innings in this rivalry game. It’s not a storied rivalry like the Yankees – Red Sox, but there is definitely a passionate distaste between the two teams, dating back to the early Devil Rays days, when the the D-Rays were nothing but the Red Sox’s (and pretty much everyone’s) bitch, but only the Red Sox were true assholes about it because Boston. Hello. It’s in their deoxyribonucleic acid. I didn’t even have to look that up to spell it. Oh yeah! Me ftw! Really, you’re not going to high five me? Just leave me hanging, huh. It’s 0530 and I spelled that! You totally suck.

Drew Smyly pitched an absolute gem of a game. He loves pitching against this team: in his last 24 IP against Boston, he has given up 3 ER and 31 K. Joe Kelly was pulled after 4 batters early in the game. I was watching and it looked immediately like it had something to do with his shoulder or back the way he was shaking his arm. His velocity was off and he had no control. Seven of his first 20 pitches went for balls. The Red Sox are calling it a right shoulder impingement. I was really disappointed. One because I never want to see a player hurt. Also, because Kelly kinda sucks. I wanted my team to hit against him. The Red Sox bullpen matched Smyly so his wicked cutter was wasted with no run support. What a wicked game.

How good was the Rays pitching last night? Amost as good as this video. The Rays held the Sox to 1-hit in extra innings. The last time this was done was 1934.

There is no love lost between the Blue Jays and Orioles as the ornery birds faced off last night. The Blue Jays took the game, 4 – 3. Scout, I love you, man, so you may just want to skip the next paragraph. Neither one of your teams innocent, but I love it because it makes for fun watching for the rest of us. We should do a face-off position by position. Manager. Showalter is an ornery sonofabitch, but he cracks me up. Gibbons is a complete asshole. Showalter, winner. Third base. Manuel Machado is a complete player, but he’s a bit of an asshole. Josh Donaldson is amazing and the reigning MVP. Josh gets 3B. 1B. Edwin Encarnacion vs. Chris Davis. Oooooh, this is a tough one. Draw. Crap, I have to get this done, and I have so many teams left to do. Discuss this in the comments!

Pitcher last night. I am taking Stroman: Height doesn’t measure heart. HDHM. Stroman has trademarked that phrase. Do I need to pay him for that? I like it. He’s only 5’8″, practically a little person in pitching terms. I’m only 5’2″ myself. Vertically challenged. Like him, I understand what it is like to be told I can’t do something my whole life. Statistically speaking, I should have been a failure. I will show you. I’ll do it,  and I’ll do it better than you too, or die trying. Stroman seems to live by that coda too. Short colored people, getting it done. He got some help from his friends, Bautista and Tulo with homers. Manny being Manny for the O’s blasted his own.

The Yankees were downed in 11 innings, as the A’s Mark Canha (awesome baseball name alert) singled in two runs. Tonight, that lonely single gets it done.

Crap, crap, crap. I am never going to finish this, and I need to get ready to work. Don’t be picky, just be happy with this quickie, ’cause I get around. 2pacalypse now don’t stop.

Brewers  6 – Twins 5 Win streak ends for the Twins.

Cleveland 3 – Mariners 2 Carrasco walks-off.

Mets 11 – Phillies 1 Everyone hit a home run for the Mets.

Reds 4 – Rockies 3 The Reds run wild on the Rockies, with 5 stolen bases in the  2nd, the most since 2010.

Royals 8 – Tigers 6 It was all Sally Perez last night, with a career high 5 RBIs.

White Sox 5 – Angels 0 All About Latos

D’backs 3 – Giants 0 San Fran has lost six of last seven. So much for even numbered years. 😉

50 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss?* (4/20/16)

    • Luckily you don’t manage the O’s and Showalter is a bit more mature than that. Don’t forget the balk that wasn’t called the pitch before that… with a runner on 3rd. Score should have been 5-3. Also, I just shake my head at people who will boo Bautista but cheer for Machado. I guess throwing your bat at someone is playing the game the right way. Every team has assholes and Manny is yours.

      Liked by 2 people

      • You mean the sorta maybe balk that was a direct result of Bautista’s childish, bullshit behavior? Stop being such a homer. If your guy is an asshole, call him out for it. I called out Machado when he threw his bat (which was two fucking years ago, let it go already), since then he has been a model citizen. Bautista can’t seem to go a month without being an asshole to someone.


        • How is neither side innocent? Did you see the play in question? The pitcher tried to go into his windup several times and several times in a row, Bautista stepped out without asking time. The pitcher did nothing wrong, except he should probably have just thrown a pitch since time was never requested or granted. It was Bautista being a dick, for the sole purpose of being a dick. If it was the first time Bautista pulled this sort of thing, it’d be one thing, but every time we play, he seems to revel in finding a new way to be a dick.


        • I am talking in general, Scout. In perpetuating the rivalry. Neither side gets a pass. Neither side is innocent and to quote you, please stop being such a homer. 🙂

          Or just be aware of your homerish tendencies. We all have them. It is part of being a fan. It is part of being a fan. But also acknowledge that your team’s failings–be fair. The O’s are not without their own problem children. Every team has them.


        • I never once claimed the O’s were without problem children, but I do work very hard to be impartial. Sure I root for my team, but I am also the first to call them out when they do something wrong, and I take great pride in that. I do not consider myself a homer and I would ask anyone who thinks otherwise to provide proof that I have ever given anyone on my team a pass for anything. In fact I tend to come down harder on them as they disappoint me even more.


        • IMO, this is an an overreaction to a perceived slight. Calling for retaliation on another player, even one as odious as Joey B, plays right into his mind game. Take the high road.

          I called him a motherfcking cntface the last time the Rays and Jays played for interfering with Logan Forsythe and grabbing his leg. I understand the passion in disliking of this man. Drilling him in the rib cage, not cool, homer.

          But the rivalry is fun to watch.


        • Just to be clear, in case I wasn’t, I was in no way calling for or supporting retaliation. I have a firm stance against that. I was saying this is the sort of behavior that often causes such retaliation and maybe it was completely unnecessary in the fist place. Instigating a fight is just as bad as throwing the first punch. I was proud of the team, for not retaliating, something that I feel is a direct result of Buck’s leadership. I was saying that this should have been handled by the umpire, and that it wasn’t is why these sort of situations often escalate.

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      • Agree that Buck being more mature is a good thing all around. I’m sure Joey Bats would love to frustrate the opposing pitcher into doing his job for him.

        If he was stepping out once the pitcher was into his windup, that’s on the umpires for not keeping a lid on it. Don’t grant time that late, blue.


      • Also, I don’t necessarily subscribe to the line of thinking that every team has an asshole, so asshole behavior is acceptable. If you are an asshole, I will call you out on it, if you are on my team or another. But just because Johnny jumps off a bridge, does not make it okay for Timmy to jump off a bridge.


        • So two things. One, Bautista steps out before the pitcher begins his windup there. Really late in the sequence, but technically before the windup began. Two, the pitcher needs to deliver the pitch if time wasn’t called, because the umpire should have called a balk in that Vine. Bautista did nothing wrong. He assumed the risk of a meatball being delivered for a strike, but he broke no rules there. Pitcher has to know better. Same as when Correa was running five feet inside the baseline at the beginning of the season. He’s not allowed to do that, and he assumed the risk of being pegged between the shoulders and being called out for his troubles, but instead Betances tried to lob something over him and basically blew the game right there. It was on Betances there, and the O’s pitcher last night to take advantage of the offensive player not being where he was supposed to be. Neither did.

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        • Then your pitchers need to ignore the gamesmanship and pitch, not balk and blame someone else. I’m willing to bet the pitching coach had something to say to Givens about it. He was fortunate that a balk wasn’t called because the umpire was perfectly within his right (and the rules) to do so.


        • “Then your pitchers need to ignore the gamesmanship and pitch, not balk and blame someone else.”

          lol, aren’t you guys still crying at A-Rod over “Mine!” from like eight years ago?

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  1. love the smiley lewis

    Adam rosales? good for him keeping a job. not that i am an expert, but I don’t get that balk.

    Text and face messages are all I respond to. I wish my parents would use text. so frustrating.

    texas thinks its all big, there are 4 count em, 4 MLB teams in California.


    • posted too early.

      who does david price fight for in a dust up between the red sox and Rays. (I like calling teams by their location moniker, but I can’t do it with the Rays or angels, it just looks wrong)

      stroman is hard to root against. i expect more runs from those teams.

      what got into latos? 2010 called and is surprised to see him here.

      the giants squeaked into the playoffs in 2010 and 2014. took an epic collapse by Latos’ padres and i think they survived a collapse themselves in 2014.

      As for the A’s/yankees that is 2 late inning 3-2 wins in a row. I don’t think its time to break them up, but the pitching, especially the bullpen, 46 innings 6 walks, has been better than expected.


  2. A) What Ren said.
    B) What Scout said.
    C) My small child Scooter Gennett drove in the go-ahead run for the Brewers. Don’t sleep on Scoots Magoots, he’s in a zone this year.
    D) I love knowing that the Birds on the Bat are struggling against the Cubs. Fills my heart with joy.


  3. V-Mart was hbp in his repaired knee last night and left the game. The Royals are trash. Shane Greene stinks. Who picked Salty in the HR Derby?


  4. Nationals 7, Marlins 0.

    Game was scoreless into the 7th when the Nats hit four home runs. Werth and Ramos went back to back first on consecutive pitches, and then later in the inning Harper (grand slam) and Zimmerman went back to back again. Strasburg went 8, gave up three hits and got two himself, making him -1 in hockey vernacular or something.

    Werth’s home run was “only” his 200th career home run, which seems like not many to me for a guy who’s been around a while as has always been thought of as, maybe not a slugger, but certainly not a slap-happy singles hitter either. His home run landed in the statue(?) out beyond the outfield wall. True story – back before I figured out what Old Gator really meant by “strange attractor”, I thought he was referring to that spinning fish monstrosity.

    Harper’s grand slam was the second of his career, coming just a few days after his first; Strasburg has been on third base for both of them. Harper may not be Barry Bonds yet (just ask Barry Bonds), but I have to believe teams are going to stop pitching to him eventually, just like they did with Bonds in those years when he was walking 175+ times.

    Speaking of Strasburg, there’s some mystery around him this year. Most folks claim that he’s added a pitch to his arsenal, although Strasburg has yet to publicly confirm it. He definitely has a pitch that breaks in on lefties, and some claim it’s a slider, while others say it’s a cutter. The Nats beat writer managed to get the word “slutter” into her game story today in her discussion of it, but only in the context of rejecting the term out of hand. Whatever it is, the Pitch That Shall Not Be Named is one that’s helped Strasburg pick up where he left off at the end of last season; dude’s been dominant.

    Liked by 2 people

        • No kidding. I caught a record 56-lb. coelocanth on 10-lb. test in the ‘stream last month. Happiness is smoked coel on bagel with cream cheese, sliced cucumber, tomatoes, onions and shredded romaine. Here’s one in the seafood counter at our local Publix, but I did catch my own. This is just for your information:

          And speaking of Feesh, yeah, I saw some of those pitches break in on Justin Bour last night. Pretty lethal stuff. I had to watch an attenuated re-run because I was delivering my bi-monthly lecture, this time on Kurosawa and the Sergioes Leone and Corbucci last night at the world famous Luna Star Cafe in North Macondo while Strasburg was mowing down the Rainbow Warriors. While the Feesh were getting vitiated as Jar Jar Baseball watched helplessly from the corner of the dugout (and Barry Better-Living-Through-Chemistry was doubtless wondering how many dues he’d have to pay before a real team would have him), I was gleefully recounting to the marinated multitudes how Sam Peckinpah lifted the Wild Bunch machine gun massacre of the Federales from Corbucci’s Django:

          That’s a lot like what Strasburg did to the Feesh, innit?

          Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!!! This was bugging me all morning! I neglected the Washington Harpers completely and they were simply amazing.
      I was even watching the game at “command central”–with the MLB app, I had several games on. Rays on my big screen, Cubs – St Louis on MLB Brighthouse app, Yankees – As and Nats – Marlins. That’s all my ADD could stand.

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  5. Oh yeah! Me ftw! Really, you’re not going to high five me? Just leave me hanging, huh. It’s 0530 and I spelled that! You totally suck.

    I was sleeping at that hour Sally, cut a boy some slack.


  6. You seem to have the Cubs beating the Cardinals and losing to the Padres in the same night.

    Did they start doing split-squad regular season games when I wasn’t looking?


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