Update – Curt Schilling Has Been Fired

In the biggest case of about fucking time in history, ESPN has terminated it’s employment of Curt Schilling after his latest round of bigoted, ignorant comments.

ESPN is an inclusive company,” ESPN said in a statement. “Curt Schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with ESPN has been terminated.”

Schilling, through a spokesman declined to comment, something he should have done oh, I don’t know about a million times by now.

“To be in a place where people actually believe I’m a racist or I’m transphobic says to me that something has gone horribly askew somewhere,” he told the hosts on WEEI, sounding weary and bewildered by his latest social media furor.

On his personal blog on Tuesday, Schilling did not back down, even as advocates in the transgender community called for his dismissal.

“Let’s make one thing clear right upfront,” he wrote. “If you get offended by ANYTHING in this post, that’s your fault, all yours.” He added: “This latest brew ha ha is beyond hilarious. I didn’t post that ugly picture. I made a comment about the basic functionality of men’s and women’s restrooms, period.”

The linked article details Schillings MULTIPLE offenses over the past few years.  I won’t bother to dignify his bullshit views any further by reprinting them over and over again, but let’s just say there pretty much isn’t anyone he doesn’t seem to hate.  Except rich white men apparently.  Thankfully we can all move on and actually be able to turn on a ballgame without fear of immediately vomiting at the sight of this horrendous pig.

H/T to Prof for the tip.

ScoutsEdit: 4/21/2016

Deadspin has a pretty good take on the firing, including a detailed chronicle of all things Curt.


50 thoughts on “Update – Curt Schilling Has Been Fired

  1. That’s an insult to female genitalia. I’d rather paraphrase the insult that was posted to some troll over on TSFKAHBT… “Not to say that he’s an asshole, but I’d unplug his life support to charge my phone.”

    From Fox Sports: “Earlier Wednesday, Schilling defended the post on his blog, saying he was expressing his opinion and those criticizing him are frauds.”

    I’m actually surprised he hasn’t trotted out some tired First Amendment “freedom of speech” bullshit yet, but there’s still time.

    See, Curt, it’s like this… you have the constitutional right to spew any racist, bigoted, homophobic, anti-science bullshit you like… the rest of us have the right to call you a fucking idiot over it, and ESPN has the right to fire your stupid ass. Everyone’s rights have been preserved.

    No word yet on an offer of employment from Fox News. Stay tuned.

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    • Which brings up a point Lenny Bruce made many years ago. Why is “f### you” an insult? Isn’t that a good thing? Don’t we all want that to happen to us?

      Our normal greetings to people we like should be, “F### you!”


  2. The scary thing is that after gender reassignment you are going to have a whole bunch of people who are totally men now with a beard and everything and good luck getting them to pull down their pants . How do you enforce this law? Bathroom monitoring at 7,50 per hour? That was the part they cared about, no one in Carolina or Mississippi or Tennessee gives a fuck about the freaky people in this message, the corporate overlords want to make sure that you can’t up the minimum wage above 8 bucks?

    Why do you think that they are now doubling down on this idiocy to distract from the real reason? The true meaning is individual counties can’t vote for a living wage increase. The state gets fucked, the voters get fucked and the idiots get to punch down. Vote like it means something people, I’m really getting sick of being a nag, but it is now D-day! They know that it is unconstitutional and will get repealed, they are counting on you being so outrageous about being a Christian that you neglected the most important part. Individual counties can’t raise the minimum wage!


      • Okay, vote democratic down ticket and vote every year especially in local elections. I got the LePage monster because we had a third candidate that turns out was on his ledger and Lepage won with 37 % of the vote!

        I’m glad I know how they work nowadays, I will be much more prepared in the future. I don’t have much longer in this life but I need my daughter, son and grandchildren to inherit a better place than I, we, you, us left it!

        Your voice is more important than mine. …
        Use it!


      • Well, that’s if you really believe it’s true, rather than his son just being a pawn of Mom and Pop Schilling. I just feel sorry for him. And, as for his mom’s flaming about “facts,” well, she needs to talk to the hubster before anybody else about “facts.”


      • C’mon, It could “possible cost him his job,” media. I’m sure her criticisms will really hurt all those “writers” — and she uses the term loosly [sic] — all the more because she studied journalism. (How many classes do you think she took? 1?)

        She couldn’t even get out the whole word “transgender.”

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    • “We’re not transphobic! We have a son who teaches us about stuff!”

      Also, Caitlyn Jenner reference?

      Right, because that’s when it actually became an issue for idiots.


    • I’ve been rewatching The Sopranos and there’s this really awkward scene in Season 1 where Tony and Carmella educate the kids about important Italian figures over Chinese food. It’s completely shoe-horned and weird and forced.

      I like to imagine the Schillings force these kinds of conversations about “alternative lifestyles” on their kids like Curt awkwardly does on Facebook, and their kids just roll their eyes. “Liberace, now there was one of the good ones. Actually contributed something. Played the piano really good. So as you can see, I don’t hate queers, it’s just the ones that are always looking to start problems.”

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  4. Lost in all this is the amazing selective outrage from those that are suddenly afraid that trans men will start preying on their daughters, and thus they support these draconian laws, while completely ignoring that straight men who prey on young boys can (and always could) share the same bathroom as their sons.

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    • Technically I think it’s trans women. Trans man would be the woman at birth that identifies as male. Apparently these same worried folks (and political leaning doesn’t matter, both left and right have uttered these inanities) are unconcerned with the opposite situation: guys born as women in the women’s locker room is apparently a-ok.

      Heaven forbid your daughter sees a penis.


    • Actually I assumed you were talking about the situation that has these terrified fathers awake at night: the woman born as a guy. That’s the trans woman. But I admit you might still have talking about trans men anyway.


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