Did You See That? (4/19/2016)

Welcome back to the second edition of Did You See That Ludicrous Display Last Night?  And if you don’t get the reference, we can no longer be friends.  So there’s that.  Still No Orioles games last night, so I had to wallow in self pity and go to bed early.  But don’t you worry, when next they play I WILL be posting an O’s highlight.  Guaranteed.  It was my birthday yesterday, so I decided to celebrate by going to bed two hours early.  So that pretty much sums up the current state of my life.  Watch below as other younger, more successful people do amazing things with their lives, all while I’m asleep on the sofa with Cheetos on my fingers.  (Oh yea, I’m technically sort of a blogger, so I would be remiss to point out this is all occurring in my parent’s basement.)


Story Keeps Telling Us A…, Oh fuck it, you get the joke already.  Dude keeps jacking balls out of the park.


Nolan Arenado, who’s been doing a lot of great things lately, makes one hell of a tag here to get Jay Bruce at third.


Jake Lamb does exactly what we all did as children, only when we did it, it was with a whiffle ball and on our third do over. Lamb hit a two out home run to tie the ball game in the 9th inning.


David Wright, who I forgot still played professional baseball, is apparently off the DL and managed to hit two home runs to opposite field.  Of course this was against the Phillies, so that really only counts as a half a home run.  Sorry, I don’t make the rules.  Well I do, but don’t look at me like that.


Alfred Hitchcock returned from his grave to remind us all who the dominant species really is.  I mean sure we have guns and bombs, and Miley Cyrus, but BIRDS CAN FLY BITCHES!!!


St. Louis continues to prove why they are the worst fans in baseball.


If you can’t duck it fuck it

4 thoughts on “Did You See That? (4/19/2016)

  1. Your life is as exciting as mine! I don’t do anything on my birthday, either. Of course, one needs friends to do things with. Oh well, once I move I should be able to do something fun finally. 🙂


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