The Midnight Snack – Monday

A great philosopher once said, and I am paraphrasing here, “There’s something about this that’s so tired, it’s like how much more tired could this be? And the answer is none. None more tired.”

Friends, that would be me. But the kitchen is still open, for a limited time. Because I’m so tired, I left my filter on my other laptop.

Too Much Salt:  That would be the Best Fans in Baseball, who opened this Cubs/Cardinals series by booing the snot out of Jason Heyward and John Lackey. I, too, would boo the snot out of John Lackey, but J-Hey? That’s like booing a puppy dog, or a small child who is learning to ride a bike for the first time.

But that’s okay. The Cubs are currently destroying St. Louis, with even Lackey getting in on the action at the plate. I heard that salt is a good insulator of heat, so you might want to double check on those sick burns, Redbirds.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving, Much Like a Holiday Fruitcake: Just when you thought it was an unpleasant memory, here comes the Adam and Drake LaRoche nightmare train all over again. Can’t a guy who spends way too much time with his impressionable teenage son just retire in peace? Apparently not, because weeks after the hullabaloo has died down, Father and Son are going to be on Good Morning America tomorrow.

No, I will not be watching. I would link to that article on ESPN about LaRoche Senior but I refuse to give that puff piece any more hits. Needless to say, I am sure that the GMA sit-down will be more of the same, a discussion about how important it is for LaRoche Junior to grow up in a locker room around grown ass men even though, from Adam’s own mouth, he knows that the locker room isn’t a place for children. Or perhaps it’s how Daddy sets no store by edu-ma-cation. Either way, the poster child for Derp Dynasty is milking this story more than any baseblogger could have; hell, I betcha he’s going to recoup that $13M he left on the table from a bunch of speaking engagements and meat sales.

Same Old Story: Guess who hit another home run? That slacker, Trevor Story. Nice that you woke up from your nap, bro. I mean, you went what – two games without a home run? So disappointed, son. I guess this one is for you and your heavy lumber.

15 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Monday

  1. people I boo:

    Angel hernandez

    end of list

    Deadspin did a good FJM on the espn article. I didn’t read the ESPN, but it seemed like adam is crazy. his mind is broken.


  2. “Much like Janice in accounting, the professor don’t give a heck. She don’t give a heck!” Hmmm… doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

    I love saying this at work to my coworkers when they bring me something stupid to deal with. No one has a clue wtf I am referring to. “Much like Janice in accounting, I don’t give a fuck.”

    I never boo any player. I believe in positive reinforcement only. But, booing is a part of the game. I don’t read your Midnight Snack prior to doing my recap because I don’t want anything influencing my loony thoughts but I took a different take. Boo, if you want to, St. Louis, but don’t be hypocrites. Best Fans, my ass.

    I will however, boo the shit out of an umpire who makes a shitty call, and then the shitty call isn’t overturned. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Whatta ya mean there is no clear and convincing evidence? I’ve had 2 beers and I’m 350 feet away, and I could clearly see my guy was safe!!!!!!! 😉

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  3. There’s booing and then there’s booing. Last Thursday I was at the KC game in Minute Maid when George Springer turned into a one-man Little League quality team wrecker. George is one of the most popular players on the Astros. But the last strike out with the bases juiced did it. He got some substantial boos. That is not my style; I didn’t join in. But that is where the “boo” belongs. You use it to appraise the performance, not the player. George acknowledged it; he remarked after the game that he had lost it for the team and that some noise was understandable. All is well and the fans still love him.

    But booing someone because they don’t think that your little urban area is not paradise on earth and – besides – someone will pay you more money? Give me a break.

    Several years back I went to a Yankees game at MM. The crowd booed Derek Jeter and ARod. And this was before the PED’s thing blew up. I thought it was ridiculous. You are watching two future HOF’ers and you are booing them? Just plain stupid.

    Now if Jose R., Papelbon and Aroldys come into town as a three man show, I might be tempted. But I’m just not much of a fan of the booing myself.

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