Did You See That? 4-18-2016

Hello everybody!  Today marks the first venture into what I hope will become a regular feature around these parts.  Instead of writing up a new post every-time there was a really cool highlight as I have been doing, I’ve decided to do a daily post, around mid-day with all the highlights and fun videos from the previous day.  This will of course revolve around my work schedule, so some days I may not have the time to post, so don’t get all attitudey on me if I take a day or two off.

Big Home-Runs, Web-Gems, Silly Bloopers, you name it and I will try to post it.  Of course I won’t be able to catch them all, so please link to what I’ve missed in the comments.  No game wrapups here, since Inda already has that covered.  This is just clicky clickly, watchy, watchy.

So, lets’ get on with the damn thing already!

Nolan Arenado hits two home runs against the Cubbies.  Sorry Lefty!


Harper Hits a Bomb to Put the Nats Up in the 10th in Philly


Papelbon does Papelbon things and blows the game immediately after.  No word on if Harper got a free choke hold.


Coco Crisp Sticks with this one all the way


That’s one hell of a catch by the ball boy


Sean Rodriguez hit one that still hasn’t landed


This one is just for our resident Professor.  The Phillie Phanatic celebrated his birthday yesterday!

10 thoughts on “Did You See That? 4-18-2016

  1. the sad part of the ball boy catch is that fosse was told to take the weekend off. he is generally hard to listen to, but he does know everyone’s name. he would have given the kid credit by name on the air in real timel

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  2. It’s also the fifth anniversary of Phanatic beaning his mother, Phoebe Phanatic, in the face with a baseball. A tragic accident; the Oriole Bird was there as well as Rangers Captain and they both came to Mrs. Phanatic’s aid. 😉

    Man, everybody’s got birthdays in April. Phanatic, my mom, my sister, my best friend, Steve Avery, Greg, everybody….


      1. There’s a reason Phanatic is so beloved by the Phillies phaithful. Because he throws into his own momma.


      1. Well, that just settles it. April is a pretty awesome month for birthdays! (But seriously. Aves and Greg woot woot)


  3. I was lucky enough to see Arenado hit those in person. He was the offense for the day on both sides. Cubs L but still a fun day at Wrigley.


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