This has to stop

Please please please stop this.

MLB is quadrupling down on horrifying uniforms. Your team isn’t safe (except yahmule).

You are not to own or possess any of these items and must willingly consent to a search by fan-interference anytime, day or night, with or without a warrant.


This isn’t honoring the troops, it’s honoring duck dynasty.

Memorial day is for the dead, not the living. If you really want to honor the fallen, black with yellow ribbons is better.

Also, more service people died NOT wearing camouflage.


44 thoughts on “This has to stop

        1. If they mean to remember the Union soldiers killed in the Indian wars, the unis should be blue. That’s pre-camo genocide.


    1. As a veteran, I pretty much would like that the fucking asshole chicken-hawks with no skin in the game who vote for endless war would take time off from campaigning to show up for a vote to actually fund the fucking hospitals that you send all the survivors who because of bullet proof vests, are triple amputees. I’m gonna be blunt, a small percentage of these guys are suicidal and with the Gop cutting funding for recovery and doubling down on war, I implore each and every one of you to make sure you vote in EVERY election, not just the POTUS!

      Certain parts of Maine is very progressive, but they just voted for Obama and said fuck it, good enough! Meanwhile, if not for Snyder of Detroit, I would have arguably the worst fucking governor in the U.S.!

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      1. Shit, my point was, in the early eighties and early nineties, we had the birth of mass shootings, and a good portion of those were Vietnam vet’s. Now we have the best trained fighters in the history of the world with the most reason to be angry. I am terrified to think what they may concoct.

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    1. You can also add your favorite team’s logo to this one; of course in this case, it would be the Texas Rangers’ logo, wunnit?


        1. banjo man is a odd duck. he makes his “living” selling those propeller beanies. he also goes to giants games, but hasn’t been inside since candlestick.

          I love my crappy ballpark. the food is terrible and there are no choices. bathrooms are ill designed. Women always have a line and men, even with the troughs, also have to wait. the action isn’t close, but good seats are available and reasonably priced.

          haven’t been there since september. NO plans until May 2. (I am going to ATT next sunday as part of the kids league event. against the marlins. )


        2. I love my crappy ballpark too. Great cheap seats, few people, fewer assholes. There is rarely a line for the restroom. Sweet ushers. A kid will always get an autograph before the game.

          Welcome aboard, @clydeserra. I was wondering when you were going to join us.

          I cannot sleep. I don’t have to work tomorrow. Watching Bull Durham.

          One more dying quail a week and you’re in Yankee Stadium.

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    1. I don’t know what I hate more – the pink stuff that floats around for any sort of women’s issue, the red white and blue stars/stripes “patriotic” stuff, or the camo? All of it is horrible, all of it are things I wouldn’t be caught dead in.

      The only good camo is hunting camo. But that’s because I grew up in the sticks, I don’t know any better. But when the Braves come out in Realtree unis with blaze orange accents, that’s the only alternate “theme” uniform I’d ever get behind.


        1. yes, I wear them everyday. Bow ties on friday. I really don’t mind. it’s a uniform.

          ll my ties are thrift store tie. (not all the bow ties, but they are cheaper)


        2. Bow ties are cool. I understand, but I think I’d go nuts with a regular tie if I had to wear one. With my luck, I would get it stuck in a paper shredder or elevator door and hang myself.

          Not everyone gets to wear pajamas to work (scrubs), or stirrups and a jersey. 🙂


        3. shredder is not a problem. you are thinking about it when you shred.

          keeping it out of the toilet when you pull up your pants, on the other hand…


        4. I have no problems with rhinestones. The girliest baseball thing I own is a Braves shirt with some bedazzled bits on it. Got it from the Alyssa Milano Touch collection. Feminine, but still in team colors and with no flowers or double entendres. I also like a little bit of glitter, but it’s gotta be team colors. Always team colors, and for God’s sake stop with the flowers. But plaid is good, I’m OK with plaid.


        5. Rhinestone cowgirl, baby. They are, of course, in team colors. Always. Blue and white rhinestones, subtle TB on the left side, over my heart. It’s a very me hoodie. Feminine and tomboy. The right arm has a Tampa Bay appliquĂ©. The back has the big Rays symbol. I want to be buried in it, and I’m not kidding. Although, I want to be cremated. Never mind. Don’t burn my hoodie.

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  1. Funny, I can glance at the hats above and tell which one is the Jays’… even without seeing the jersey. Our camo is different than y’all’s, but I still wouldn’t wear it on a baseball uniform, after wearing it to work day in and day out for years. The funny part is, Memorial Day isn’t celebrated in Canada… we honour our war dead on Remembrance Day (your Veterans’ Day). For us here in Canuckistan, that particular weekend in May is used to celebrate the birthday of a long-dead British queen who was NOT amused most of the time… although it is really celebrated as the unofficial start of summer, and another excuse to take a day off from work and drink beer and grill burgers.


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