The Midnight Snack – Friday

We survived another week. At least I did. But y’all, I am wiped. So I’m just giving you the basics tonight.

First of all, it’s all happy news being delivered by me today, so I’m going to give y’all a happy song to listen to. One of my very favorites. Yes, it really is a favorite, and no, I am not 90 years old.

I could listen to Helen Forrest sing all day. I love her, one of the few female singers I can listen to and not get tired of her voice.




Happy, Bravo, Ren, and I are smiling tonight. Your choice of cold celebratory beverages all around! My voodoo chicken dance must’ve worked because the spell is broken. Now the Braves can go 1-161! Wooohooooo!

More news that makes me smile…

I love it when someone goes deep against MadBum; especially when it’s a relative nobody. Makes my heart feel good.

And lastly, my fantasy team is happy tonight, too; mostly because I drafted a bunch of Orioles and this happened.

Between Schoop and Trumbo, I should have some gaudy numbers tomorrow. I hope so, at least. Thank you feathery brothers in orange for doing me right.

I leave you with another all time favorite song – did you guys know that some of my favorite music are big band standards? I have the 40s channel on my preset in my car, and own several CDs of nothing but Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, and Doris Day. I might not be old, but I have an old soul.

Anyway, enjoy the best version of “Moonglow” ever recorded, and I’ll catch y’all next week.

11 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Friday

  1. My dear, NEVER apologize for what little earworm makes you get jiggy with it! I was in a Rush cover band FFS! I feel a little foolish now that I wasted two years of my life trying to get a 98% male concert goers to pay ten dollars a head listening to Inferior RUSH music played by five members instead of the original three, but I would do it all again because even though I went broke, it was the most fun I have ever had.

    I was only an alcoholic, weed smoker then……good times, it was only after I started playing with other bands I got my BAD habits. After the good times I should have just quit gigging, but I needed money and I would play with whomever would get my rig out of hock to pay for all my drugs I thought I needed to sound good. Touring is awesome, you get to get fucked up, everything is paid for, I believe I mentioned the pretty ladies, and also drugs and alcohol is always in front of you.

    The only thing good about my post progressive phase was opening up for new bands and being exposed to different genres of music. I now have a much better appreciation of different music now. I will now admit that I pretty much like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Nikki Menaj ( Sp), Rihanna, Pitbull, DMX, etc. Also I just bought Adele newest album and if you don’t like Adele, there is something wrong with you.

    Never apologize for what music makes you tap your foot, Nickleback sold 70 million albums, I only bought three!

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    • Yeah, I should mention that I never opened for the above mentioned, but I did sit in for act’s that did eventually influence to future acts that did back them. They would have us open for these act’s even though WE were doing 14 minute whiter shade of pale, and immediately follow us with a rap group and the headliner would be some rap hardcore metal band that sucks. Now you know WHY I was a junkie!


    • I listen to virtually everything, Slappy. I have a playlist on spotify that’s called “Random Crap” and it has literally EVERYTHING. Hold on a second, I’ll list a couple of things in order…

      Wicked Game – Emika
      Queen’s Speech 4 – Lady Leshurr
      Talking Body – Tove Lo
      Blue Mountain – Enzo
      Follow You – Bring Me The Horizon
      Our Love Comes Back – James Blake
      Break Up in a Small Town – Sam Hunt
      You and Your Friends – Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg
      Drunk In Love – Beyonce
      Springsteen – Eric Church
      Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush
      Marie Leveau – Bobby Bare
      Thou Swell – Bix Beiderbecke

      See – literally everything.


      • I have heard of 1,4, obviously 8,9,10 and Kate Bush is my favorite female singer/songwriter because David Gilmour produced her and played on some of her greatest hits. I haven’t heard her new album yet, I have about 40 or 50 albums to listen to first, but I may download it soon when I figure out what I want to get rid of on my phone. I have………148 albums, 74 individual songs and Camelot on my phone. I’m pretty sure I was drunk when I downloaded Camelot because I didn’t even know it was on there and apparently I got it in 2014. Well that’s deleted……I now have room for Kate Bush’ first album in a twenty something years. Yay me.😉

        It’s really awesome that most of you writers and commenters have such eclectic taste in music. I feel that anyone of you would love when I do an open-mike night, but I am also sure that I would love listening to all of you peeps play your carefully curated set list for an evening.

        By the way, Sixty two of those albums are Buckethead and Praxis, his former band. All 62 are in the last five years. Probably one of the most prolific guitar players of all time! He is the Asimov of wailing guitar noodling over complex minor chords played in such a simple logical progression, you often wonder why You never thought of it. If you love a thought provoking instrumental with a hauntingly technological take on lead guitar ( read; solos that Van Halen may have started, but couldn’t play outside the studio, Buckethead does fucking live with just a drummer ) them give Electric Tears from like 08 or 09 a try on spotify. Get the live version!

        After looking through what I wrote and being horrified for giving false information, as I checked my phone I definitely over compensated. The run time of his newest release is over 142 fucking hours!!!!!!

        Yeah, I gotta start cutting heads so I can download his newest album. Shouldn’t take more than 3 days. Haha


  2. No, you are not 90. According to that “actual picture” of you, you are about 8, perhaps 9 years old? Which is much younger than I imagined you. And flatter chested. You got me looking at the chest of a kid. Ew. What kind of perv are you?

    Today started great for me personally and ended up sucking unbelievably. My poor team. And 1 measly win? You guys still really suck, but now it’s just more forgettable. I don’t mean to take away from your happiness. By all means, all of you, be thrilled by 1 – 9 teams. I am not trying to be mean. I was trying to put myself in your shoes: if it was the Rays… I always want my team to win–it is the point of competition, but at that point, I would want to know, how much can they lose? How low can they go?

    I always root for history, even of the ignominious sort. This applies for my own team too. My team right now–forgettable suck. I am accustomed to rooting for horrific teams–1981-1983 Mets, pre-2008 Devil Rays. If you are going to suck, be a historical suck. Don’t be a mediocre, forgettable suck. I go to extremes. Take it to 11. 10 just isn’t enough. I go to 11.

    I am drinking coffee, listening to your music. That is some good music, but I am in the mood for some loud banging rock right now. Boxes beckon.


    • I want them to be legendarily bad. I mean, like less than 40 wins. I think they can get there. If you’re going to tank (and they are) you might as well tank as poorly as possible. It’s just that if you lose EVERYTHING you alienate your fanbase. Even the ones who know EXACTLY what you’re up to. Looking at you, Fredi.


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