Park Bang-homerun Just Hit A Towering Bomb To Centerfield

(Dead central power… Oof)

Minnesota Twins rookie Park Byung-ho, just blasted his 2nd homerun in his 9th game this season, and boy, it was a nooo doubter… The homerun distance was said to be 140.8 meters (462 feet). Park’s 462 ft solo homerun in the 8th inning will be the second longest homerun hit so far this season, with Nolan Arenado’s measured homerun distance of 462.2 feet being the longest currently. The homerun of Park today was also one of the longest homeruns hit in Target Field history, Park’s homerun will come in second with 462 feet…

Opened in year 2010… only 6 players, so far, have hit tape measured shots measuring 450 feet and above in Target Field… Alex Rodriguez last season (450 feet), Nelson Cruz (453 feet) in year 2011, Jim Thome (454 feet) also in year 2011, Jim Thome again (459 feet), in year 2012… Park Byung-ho today (462 feet), Jim Thome, AGAIN, but the longest… (464 feet) in year 2011.

In 9 games played so far this season, Park is currently hitting 6 for 31 (.194/.306/.757), hitting 2 homeruns and 2 extra base-hits (2 doubles) with 3 RBI’s… Park finished the game today going 1 for 3 with also a walk… 2 consecutive games now won by Minnesota!

(One more time! Park’s homerun chant song! By Nato Coles.)

7 thoughts on “Park Bang-homerun Just Hit A Towering Bomb To Centerfield

  1. Did you put on your helmet like I warned you a few hours ago because I saw that moonshot get launched and what goes up must come down? Park is a guy with apparently fantastic athletic gifts, but when it comes to real life, I’m rooting for you not him. Your moon shots don’t gotta come down.

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        1. Yup I am too. Ren is a very special young man who will be SOMEBODY someday soon. If he’s gonna keep this gig and go to school whilst ALWAYS being harassed by the sweetheart Ares, he will have no time to get into vices like I did and maybe you too.

          I spent about fifteen years putting all my ” real” energy into being a guitarist and trying to hustle a record contract. For fifteen years I worked some good jobs cooking, carpentry, seven years in the army and I never put as much effort into my job as I would into music. Every single fucking year things got worse and every single fucking year I would get more fucked up just to cope with the realization that I just wasn’t that fucking good! The day I gave up the dream was while I was couch surfing in Los Alamos NM and I had an audition for a band that did some aggressive 70’s and early 80’s covers like; Uriah Heep, Rainbow, Kansas, Boston….etc.

          I’m probably coming down from an acid bender, or maybe peyote ( I honestly don’t remember)and I smoked a little weed to bring me down and because I did an 8-ball the day before, I decided to drink a six pack of Carlsberg Elephant before the audition. You know, for the shakes. SMDH!
          I’m starting to unload the van ( which was probably worth fifteen hundred) of my gear ( probably worth seventy five thousand ) and I hear the guy ahead of me just shredding the guitar that was twice as good as my best show fucking EVER! Right around then, I started projectile vomiting. With 20/20 hindsight I realized that I puked because when you do peyote, you shouldn’t drink anything, you suck on a ice cube, or you gently drink tequila.

          I just puked all over the lead singers breezeway and as I was living on pretty much McDonald’s, it was disgusting. Haha. At the time, I thought that I had an epiphany and it made me wiser and that’s why I finally figured it out! Well, no one saw me do it so I just brought back what little I had started offloading and cursed my luck that I had been bested by a worthy opponent and at least I wouldn’t have to be ” the guy that puked at the audition” which would cost me future auditions, so as I am wheeling my stacks out, I died a little inside.

          The guy who was wailing on the guitar doing all those phenomenal solos? A sixteen year old girl with a Telecaster and a tricked out practice amp! She saw me puke again, but if she told on me I’ll never know. I will play a benefit, be a stand in one time gig or host the occasional open Mic, but that’s it. Do you know who that girl was? Orianthi! She played on Michael Jackson last tour.
          She also has some very good albums and likes to trade Solos with Steve Vai!

          She didn’t get the gig either because the music industry is fucking terrible for women, but she helped me become ONLY a pot smoking alcoholic. She may have saved my life and she will never know it. She gets to play with Alice Cooper and I no longer do hard shit so win/win. I hope she wins a thousand grammys.

          Anyway, I as usual turned it into ME and I apologize. I type stream of thought and that probably isn’t the best way to be an effective writer. Anyway I am glad that you are not an asshole drunk like some people. I know that I have a problem, but the worse feedback I get is ” Dude, you hugged me goodbye THREE fucking times and promised to fill my gas tank for dropping you off a mile down the road, I didn’t want you to walk into traffic” a couple times a year.

          Your mileage may vary, but I do think you are a righteous dude because you love Ren too! Cheers


        2. I thought you might be and I thought of mentioning it. I would have meant it as a compliment, but was worried you’d take it wrong.

          I wish they’d legalize pot in Minnesota because it’s way less bad for you than alchol.

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