FI Home Run Derby – Week 3 Selections

You all know what this is by now, right? Pick a player you haven’t picked before, hope they hit a HR, rinse, repeat.

Since these picks for next week need to be submitted before the end of the current week’s games, you may or may not know if you have advanced in the elimination pool as of this moment. If you don’t know if you’ve advanced or not, because your guy hasn’t hit a HR so far this week, go ahead and make your picks as though you will advance. Positive thinking and all that horseshit. Also, you don’t want to miss your pick for next week if your guy crushes one late Sunday and you forget about it.

If you are participating in both contests, you are free to pick different players for each contest each week. Just be sure to specify which is which.

Picks for this week will be due before the first pitch of the first game on Monday April 18th. You may deposit your picks in the comments below.

18 thoughts on “FI Home Run Derby – Week 3 Selections

      1. You did not because you have somehow offended the HR derby Gods, who are a deliciously cruel cabal of their own. Or not, we shall see. I believe the ground ball inducing Amazing Young Gibson is tomorrow’s Twins mound artist.


  1. Hey Ren, if you see this in time quick put your helmet on. Park launched a moonshot this afternoon and it’s gotta come down sooner or later!

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  2. Foiled again by people I trusted!

    This time, I’m picking Jorge Soler. Sorry, Cubs, I probably just jinxed him.


  3. Since to the dismay of a certain party he is having a less than banner week, I pick Trout for the elimination (if I’m still in it) and for the season. He’s really due.

    Hee hee hee


      1. Did you sacrifice a calf to the Gods? The damn game is still going (12th inning) and your dear sweet Royce may be facing a used up Twins bullpen, not to mention the possibility that Trout hits one in his tenth at bat.

        You’re just lucky the Gods like to mess with me.


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