Former Major Leaguer Hector Luna Did Not Have a Good Time, At Least Defensively, Yesterday…

Hector Luna’s “Fighting” pose in a Hiroshima Carp uniform.

I think 1 or 2 errors committed by an infielder (3rd baseman) is enough for a single game, but more than 3 errors made at the span of just 6 innings? That is a pretty huge eye surprise right there, and, possibly… we might not see that happen for a LONG time… until now, remember former Major Leaguer, Hector Luna (36 years old), who played for more than 5 years there at the Major League level? He’s been playing in Japan’s Central League since 2013 now, and has currently owned a career batting average of above .300 playing in the Central league… But, let’s cut to the chase and witness history being made on its own unique way here… yesterday, the Hiroshima Carp (Luna’s new team this year) are playing against the Chunichi Dragons in that evening, playing as the team’s 3rd baseman… Hector Luna made 4 ERRORS in that game, an error in the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6 innings… making him now the lone 3rd baseman and infielder in Central League history to commit that many errors in a single game, tying the NPB Pacific league record set by infielder (SS and 3B) Hozan Shoji by 4 errors made in a single game back in year 1951, playing for the Osaka Kintetsu Pearls (now the Orix Buffaloes) in 1950-1953. Which is certainly, somewhat, pretty cool for me knowing he just made some history that night.

(See all Hector Luna’s 4 errors committed in a single game here below in the video…)

The 4 errors made by Luna that night were the only errors made by Hiroshima, although the errors didn’t cost them the game, as Luna’s team won by a margin of 10-1 against Chunichi (one heck of a performance made by ace starter Kris Johnson that night), Luna finished the game 1 for 4 with a single… it still made the news for breaking the errors made in a single game in the Central League with 3, so yeah, that’s one for the NPB “Yakyu history books for Luna.


7 thoughts on “Former Major Leaguer Hector Luna Did Not Have a Good Time, At Least Defensively, Yesterday…

      • Again I agree. The first baseman looks like he got crossed up and didn’t even stretch anywhere like he could. They both had terrible, horrible no good days and they should probably feel bad because they were both bad, but I would trade the fat- fucking useless twatwaffle that takes up space on the DL when he’s not going 1 for 4 ( in broken fucking belts) per game, sitting on the bench jamming enough sunflower seeds in his gawping glory hole of a mouth to feed a village in Somalia.

        If I was the Red Sox G.M. I would trade the ditch-pig for the both of them and send 60 million dollars back, but only if he had to take a cargo ship with a 6 month sail time and he ONLY gets 26,000 calories per day! I was going to say a year long sail time, but he would probably be a cannibal by then and I only want that bastard to suffer.

        On the voyage I would have nothing but the finest food force fed to him in his cattle pen with a mirror just out of reach so he can’t smash it with a sign saying;” You could have been a home town fucking hero in San Francisco and never bought a dinner or drink for the rest of your life if you’d just eat a fucking salad once a week! But fucking NO! You had to listen to Lerner and make me hate you with a passion! The ONLY reason that I am doing this is that the CIA no longer allow water-boarding, but I bet that they will still do rendition.

        Thanks Ren, I had a bad night and I love to come to your place to vent and you always give a like, so ( you are now contractually obligated to give this post a like) as I learn something non MLB, I get to keep from getting an ulcer by venting. I got four steaks sent back and a salmon, two deserts, three salads and I fucked up the Risotto, if my best friend wasn’t the executive chef I might have gotten a written warning as I probably cost the owner a 130 bucks in food costs.

        Even still, I am far more valuable at my payscale than the man who now makes me wants to hunt REAL fucking Pandas! Did I mention that I hated this deal? Go back to Craig’s site and check. A week before the deal until about a week after the deal I railed against it with everyone telling me I was wrong, give it time they said, he is athletic for his weight THEY said!

        He can hit they said, he learned his lesson for the weight clause THEY fucking said. Well………. I fucking called this almost to the month a week after that trade and here I am ranting on your great post just to tell everyone…………


        LUV you Ren😤

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