The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes:  The Brewers were supposed to be terrible this year. We all know it. I even wrote an article about it.  But what happens when this team with barely any stars goes into enemy territory and outplays a perennial All-World squad?

Well, this happens:

Unlike some other teams that I follow on the regular, at least the Brewers are out there trying to give max effort.

Knuckles Is Not Just a Cool Sonic Character:  This is pretty freaking rad.

We all thought R.A. Dickey was the last knuckleballer in the game. Well, we thought wrong, because the Red Sox have a guy named Stephen Wright. I’m glad someone else has picked up the craft. The game is fun when there’s a knuckler in our midst.

Obviously, Tom Candiotti is still making people look foolish. And what’s Tim Wakefield, the knuckler who passed the baton to Dickey, up to these days? Well, he’s about to enter the Red Sox Hall of Fame.


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