The World Is Now A Safer Place

MLB’s previous safety policy: Make sure your seat is next to this beefy guy.

Congratulations, baseball fans, you are now a little bit safer and you have MLB to thank for it.

Over the off-season, MLB “encouraged” teams to extend the netting in parks for fan protection. Some teams already had netting running down to the dugouts — I’m proud to say Comerica Park was one of the places that already had this safety measure — but others used more limited coverage. That has changed now, as clubs have moved to be compliant with the new unwritten MLB park regulation. Three of the teams have even extended their netting to the far side of the dugout instead of to the near side like the rest.  The result is that all major league parks have become safer for it, and we’ve received proof of this already this season.

On April 9th, Buster Posey lost control of his bat at the plate and it went flying…into the netting.  Here’s the video:


As you can see, the netting stopped the bat, which fell onto the dirt instead of going into the stands.  No one was injured because of the slip and the game proceeded without further incident. It’s like human beings can recognize a safety issue, come up with a rule to help prevent further injuries, implement the measure, and successfully resolve the problem. Huh.

So, now you can sit close to the action and participate in “Tweet Your Seat” and watch the Kiss Cam or check pitch speeds on the scoreboard without the unchecked danger of getting hit with a wild pitch or broken bat. And, you don’t even have to make sure you’re sitting next to the guy in the picture above to be safer at a game.

Some people aren’t happy with this policy. Stephen King wants them to install bulletproof guards at parks instead, but I am content with the netting. It works, and we have proof.

You’re welcome, America.

8 thoughts on “The World Is Now A Safer Place

  1. Good story, and GREAT photo – the only one appearing to be in danger is the one not already moving away. Many arguments I’ve read about paying attention, but you also pointed out that those paying attention are also distracted checking stats. I too am in favor of fan safety and give these precautions a bit Thumbs Up! Thanks, H!

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  2. The header picture is absolutely amazing to me. It is the actual epitome of the reasoning for the necessity of extended netting. I’m happy to say that the Oriole’s were one of the few already in compliance with the new procedures. Not bad for a stadium built in 1992. And you know what? It’s never ONCE prevented me from enjoying the game.

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  3. My problem with the netting is the number of endangered sea turtles, dolphins, midget Confederate submarines and other odd or unidentified marine life that get caught in it:

    Now I’m not saying that bigger netting leads to the wussification of Japanese trawler captains or anything like that, but some stuff is just better left undisturbed, you know?

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  4. I have to disagree with this solution. The only way to stop a bad guy with a bat, is a good guy with a bat. Instead of taking away our god-give right to enjoy a game without netting in front of us, every fan should also have a bat…..and possibly a ball….and a gun….maybe an RPG, for protection from these terroristic flying objects.

    As they say in the DH league, the best defense is a good offense.

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