The KT Wiz of the KBO league are going full 3D


There was this pretty interesting news that happened in the KBO in their first week of the regular season that I forgot to cover, and man, that was really awesome…

The KBO league team, KT Wiz (owned by the conglomerate KT Corporation group of SK), are handling out new 5G GIGA VR (Virtual Reality) technology to every KT Wiz fans attending Suwon Baseball stadium this season… FOR FREE, you can even order one for FREE via KT App (local only…)! Fans who already have this VR technology can keep em, those who still haven’t will be given one just near the stadium’s entrance… if missed, the KT Wiz personnel will give one to them in their respective seats. The objective of this Virtual Technology movement in their stadium is to give their fans a taste of every full detail of their games more conveniently (team’s early practices are included), fans who couldn’t attend KT Wiz games due to work and other matters can now watch their team’s games using the KT “WizzApp” or the GIGA VR technology that offers a 360 degree view angle of the stadium… so yeah, fans attending their current games (even those who can’t but have the 5G GIVA VR technology) can take the full advantage to watch in different perspectives using the innovative way of KT’s Virtual Technology.

I don’t have a video regarding about this viewing perspective of KT Wiz yet, but I do have this video example using the GIGA VR technology! (Must watch video, via KBSnews…)

KBO, you’ve done it again! Just AWESOME… (Question: Have any team in the MLB done this before in their stadiums?)

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