The Angels Are Pretty Good At Basketball

The Angels are playing in Oakland, and while there a few members of the team stopped by to visit with the Golden State Warriors during practice.  Mike Trout showed off his moves, and a team of three, Trout, Albert Pujols, and reliever Joe Smith managed to take down the greatest shooter in all the lands, Stephen Curry in a game of P-I-G.

This basketball game, truth be told, was P-I-G. And Smith had help, as he got help from several teammates – including Albert Pujols and Mike Trout – in wearing down and eventually knocking off Curry at the team’s downtown Oakland practice facility.

While five different Angels took turns shooting, Curry did all of his own work. To, you know, make it fair. It was a Smith left-handed 3-pointer from the corner that Curry failed to make that shamed him in defeat.

“That one is one of my weapons,” Smith cracked, before adding the punch line. “I don’t like to bring it out unless I have to.”

Sometimes we forget that these players are professional athletes, not just professional baseball players, and can actually compete pretty well in other sports.  A lot of baseball players spend quite a bit of time playing basketball actually.  Although not a lot of basketball players play a lot of baseball.  I guess that’s because as we all know, baseball is by far the most superior sport, clearly.

7 thoughts on “The Angels Are Pretty Good At Basketball

  1. Had he chosen another sport as a kid, I think Trout could have made it to the NFL, NBA or NHL. He might not be among the top two or three players like he is in baseball, but he could definitely compete at that level.

    I remember when he was in the minors, people projecting him to hit maybe ten homers as a rookie. I was like, “Have you seen his neck?”

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