Quiz: Bird’s-Eye View of Ballparks Edition

uploadHere’s a fun quiz from ESPN.com that tests your knowledge of baseball parks based upon a satellite image (pictured) and four possible answers. The good news is that it can get easier as you go through each question by way of process of elimination. It’s not a particularly easy test, so I’m interested to see what you all get! Some of them have dead giveaways if you look close. My results are below, and as you can see, I just barely pass if this is high school.

12/18 · Scored 66%
Result: Hit By Pitch!
How you compare to others
  • 90-100% 2,418 people
  • 80-89% 4,056 people
  • 70-79% 5,753 people
  • 60-69% 6,405 people
  • 50-59% 5,406 people
  • 40-49% 1,911 people
  • 30-39% 2,346 people
  • 20-29% 849 people
  • 10-19% 164 people
  • 0-9% 16 people

26 thoughts on “Quiz: Bird’s-Eye View of Ballparks Edition

    1. Really? It’s so red. Must be on the rag.

      I recognized that one easily because of all the red seats.

      I actually had trouble with the domes, go figure, except for my own. Brewers gave me real trouble. I don’t watch many of their games. 80-89%. I am on my iPad and the pics are small. Hard to make out the different retractable domes and I am accustomed to seeing them closed.

      I am thinking I can check off 5 ballparks this year. Busch, Safeco, Wrigley, Fulton, and Miami. The latter two require a drive.

      Great link, @mrelbravoheyward


        1. Does this offer also apply to Professors? I might as well meet you while you’re still local 🙂


      1. Milwaukee was pretty easy for me, because when I went there the dome was closed and you could tell the wall was almost directly behind the outfield fences. Very claustrophobic.

        You know Fulton hasn’t been a used stadium in twenty years, right?

        Liked by 1 person

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