The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

Quick hits, because even though I was tired last night, I still couldn’t sleep. And I have stuff I gotta do, still.

Fashion Dos: This magnificent mane.

Noah Syndergaard consistently threw 100 mph this evening, with some nasty 95 mph sliders peppered in there for good measure. Filthy. But his hair is always clean and beautiful.

Fashion Don’ts:

Sorry to our friends in Canada, but this is too much for me. I admire dude’s dedication to his team, but…

A Tale of Two Teams: One, our friend Scout’s Baltimore Orioles, haven’t lost a game yet. The other, my beloved Atlanta Braves, can’t even win games that have been gift wrapped for them. But let’s take a look at some of the players these two teams have shed in order to get to where they are at right now.

Nick Markakis left Baltimore for the peachy climes of Georgia, his home state. While there’s not many good things to say about the current Braves team, Markakis is probably one of their brighter spots. He’s been a doubles hitting machine. In fact, he’s hit about six in the last 24 hours. Of course, that means diddly when no one can capitalize on it, but Braves Country gives a hearty “Thank you” to the residents of Birdland for use of their former outfielder.

On the flip side, the Braves parted ways with pitcher Kris Medlen. He ended up on the Kansas City Royals, who have enjoyed the fruits of his labor. In fact, he started for the Royals today. I caught the tail end of it because Meds is my boy. Started out rough, but soon settled down and turned in a fantastic performance. Plus, he lit up Captain Caveman…er…Colby Rasmus. How badly do the Braves wish they had Meds back? I’m guessing they cry about it every night, like broken hearted lovers who mourn the one that got away.

Got time for one more Fashion Don’t? Of course you do.


Ugh, Royce Harpler, you’re killing me, son.


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