What a magnificent view…

(Must watch video…)

Let the video speak for itself, and let us just watch it together… Aerial view of the Busan Lotte Giants, “Lighting Show“… held at Sajik Baseball stadium.

(Man, I really need to watch the other teams more, not just the LG Twins… I’m missing all the good stuffs!)


4 thoughts on “What a magnificent view…

    • Haha, true on that… I actually have a close-up video regarding about this lighting show but decided not post it, and went for the aerial view instead. That one will REALLY hurt your eyes…

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    • If you lived in the best Korea, you would have already been turned in by a family member for even dreaming of fun. Fun is only for the Dear Leader and his henchmen while they stand around looking at stuff.

      Your face would be shot, but you wouldn’t get to pick the time or the hand that pulls the trigger.

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