The Kids Like The New Digs

Last year, a lot of people typed a lot of words about the renovated bleachers and new video boards at Wrigley. Yeah, they obstruct much of the view from the rooftops across the street, but tough shit. The Ricketts have bought up most of that property by now anyway.

This year, there was a fair bit of work done on the exterior of the ballpark too. The famous marquee sign that was taken down shortly after last season ended and restored was finally re-installed earlier this week.


But by far the biggest change at Wrigley this offseason is just for the team.

It’s pretty well known that the Cubs had some of the worst locker rooms in the sport, in large part to everything being extremely cramped. Here’s a look at what the team clubhouse looked like last year.

And here’s a clip of the team finally getting their first looks at the new locker room. To call it an upgrade is an understatement.






And when it’s all finished, it will look roughly like this:

What used to be 11,000 square feet of arguably the worst clubhouse in the game is now a 30,000 sq ft thing of beauty.

Considering how much time players spend at the ballpark outside of the actual game, this is a pretty huge deal.  There’s even enough space for Schwarber to stay with the team while he rehabs his busted leg…and he intends to…instead of him having to go through all of that process elsewhere, which would have been the case in previous years.


Eamus Catuli

28 thoughts on “The Kids Like The New Digs

  1. Oh wow. Wow!

    Couldn’t help but notice that Bryzzo are right next to each other, as are Lester and Lackey. Birds of a feather, etc etc…


  2. And it appears that Rizzo has adopted Starlin Castro’s walkup music from last year…which is outstanding. Everyone in the crowd and in the dugout loves that shit.

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