The Baltimore Orioles Are On Pace To Go 162-0


Most people around here know my favorite team is the Orioles.  I’ve been an O’s fan my entire life.  Most of which was spent suffering watching terrible team after terrible team.  Most of the time the media focus on the Yankees and the Red Sox, and hell even Toronto as of late.  Even when the O’s won, it wasn’t that they were good, it was that everyone else was just bad.  But for the moment at least, you can’t deny one thing.  The Orioles are a lot better than anyone gave them credit.  Of course the season is only a week old and things can and will change fast.  It’s part of what we love about the game.  Today doesn’t mean much because there’s tomorrow right around the corner.

Chris Davis hit an absolute bomb in the 9th inning to give the O’s a 3 run lead in a tied ball game off closer extraordinaire Craig Kimbrel.

The Orioles have now defeated Ervin Santana, Chris Archer, and David Price.  They hit a walk off on the first game, and touched up one of the game’s best closers.  They have won 3-2, 6-1, and 9-7.  They have won with home runs, and with a collection of singles and doubles.  They have won with starting pitching and they have won with the bullpen.  They have flashed the leather and thrown the heat.  They have shown patience at the plate striking out third least in the league.

Including today’s games Manny Machado is batting .458 with 3 home-runs.   Rule 5 pick Joey Rickard is batting .409. And Mark Trumbo is batting .417 with today’s 3 run home run his first of the season.

The Red Sox almost mounted a rally today.  Mookie Betts lead off the 9th with a solo home run off Zach Britton.  But after getting the next two batters on base, David Ortiz grounded out into a double play and Hanley Ramirez struck out to end the game.

The Orioles have played the last 4 games without star Adam Jones and starting pitcher Kevin Gausman has spent the entire short season on the DL.  The O’s could very easily go 0 for their next 10 games.  But for the moment, they can revel in being the league’s sole remaining undefeated team, the best start in team history since the team played in St. Louis in 1944 and went 9-0.  Oh yea, and the Orioles also finished last season 5-0 meaning their current team streak is 11-0.  PECOTA predicted this team would win just 72 games this season.  Well, looks like they only have 66 more wins to go.  Tomorrow could be the beginning of the end.  We could slide back down to the last place finish everyone predicted.  But for right now, I’m allowing myself to enjoy the moment.

7 thoughts on “The Baltimore Orioles Are On Pace To Go 162-0

  1. Every year some team turns the AL Beast upside down. Supposed to be Boston and Toronto this year? Well, just maybe not. I think that’s good. The unpredictability is fun.

    But I will take the under on 162-0. 🙂


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