FI Home Run Derby – Week 1 Results

Here are the final results of the first week of our HR Derbys.

In the Elimination pool, everyone but our favorite Professor moves on to next week. As you can see from the grid right below this sentence, most of you have already gotten your picks for next week in. This is a good thing.

Over in the Full Season pool, nobody picked Trevor Story, so nobody has jumped way out in front. Mostly 2’s, a couple 1’s, and poor Prof with the goose-egg (you’ll never catch up if you don’t make a pick.) If Burgie isn’t kicking herself for chickening out of picking Donaldson this week…she should be.

Remember, your Week 2 picks…for either pool…aren’t locked until the first pitch of the first game on Monday. If you want to change your pick before then, head over to the pick-collecting post and do so. (And if I’ve done this correctly, you should be able to click on those grids to open a larger version of the image, in case your eyes suck.)

Time for a Bonus Feature!

Since I’ve played around and figured out how to embed MLB video in these posts, I shall now provide some visual evidence of these home runs. This will be an incomplete list, because A) I’m kinda lazy and B) there’s enough of them that if I embedded them all, you’d have to scroll a long ass way to get to the end.







ScoutsTestEdit: Story hits his 7th

27 thoughts on “FI Home Run Derby – Week 1 Results

  1. For those who are interested in embedding videos, here’s how I did it. There’s almost certainly other ways to achieve the same goal, but this works for me.

    1st – Use Chrome

    2nd – Install this extension

    3rd – Go to whatever video you want to embed on mlb’s site. For example, this one.

    4th – Click that little blue arrow that activates the downloader extension.

    When you open up that box, ignore where that red arrow in the image above is pointing. That’s if you want to download the video. If you want to embed it, you need to right-click on the file name, which will be “asset_1800K.mp4” on mlb’s site and then “copy link address”. Then you just paste that link into your post and that’s that.

    [video src="" /]

    Hmm…doesn’t seem to work in the comments though. Oh well.

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    1. Little shortcut for you. In the image above instead of clicking the blue box, click the icon two over, the two pieces of paper and that copy’s the link to your clipboard.
      [video src="" /]


      1. A shortcut indeed.

        Hopefully we don’t get so damn big and popular that mlb comes after us for embedding their videos or changes their shit so this stops working…

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        1. Problem isn’t MLB preventing embedding, it’s that doesn’t have the plugin enabled to do it. Which is very silly. One of the benefits to moving to self hosting is I’d be able to install whatever plugin I wanted.


      1. I didn’t figure it out until the late innings of the Cubs game today, so it wasn’t in time to help out with that anyway. Although…you could go back and edit your post now, if you were so inclined.


    1. I thought you were quitting because you couldn’t just pick Miggy every week.

      But if you really hate scrolling, you can just click my name all the way up at the top under the title and you’ll go to a page full of nothing but my articles. That way you won’t have to scroll as far.


      1. Well, since you put me on the spreadsheet and all…I thought I may as well…

        It’s like fkaHBT around here with the scrolling. I gots dainty fingers.


    1. I like it. Take Chaco’s self-imposed restriction of only using guys that hit 25 or less HR’s last year and kick that shit up a few notches….only use guys that have hit 25 or less HR’s in the entire careers.

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      1. I like to live dangerously, sir. Plus you’re a fool to pick all the heavy hitters early in the season, I’ll still have people left when they get warmed up.


        1. Alternatively, you’re a fool to pick people that play in places that can be snowed out in the early weeks. And when those games get made up as doubleheaders later in the season, I’ll still have people left on those rosters.


        2. I wasn’t calling you a fool, my friend. I mean you in general. 😛

          Scooter has been on a hot streak lately. I like to support my boy.

          Also Joey Rickard, Chris Davis, and Manny Machado hit homers, why didn’t Pedro? I’m miffed. 😛


        3. I meant it the same.

          I suspect riding the hot hand will be a very legit strategy in this thing. Hence my pick of Tyler White. Gotta strike that balance between known HR commodities and the occasional diamond in the rough.

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        4. Tyler White would have been the story of the week if Trevor Story didn’t come along. That dude’s been on fire.


        5. Exactly. And he’s going to go all iceberg one of these days. I’m just hoping he’s got another week…or even half a week…of hotness left in that bat before he cools off.


        6. Same with Gennett. He’s already hit more home runs this week than he did in about four months last year. I’m hoping he’s got that same sort of pop this week. 🙂


  2. Good luck to you all. Not a contest guy as you all know from on HBT (I once compared Sabermetrics to alchemy), but it’s good to see some good commenters from HBT find a home away from Calcaterra’s lair.

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  3. If Burgie isn’t kicking herself for chickening out of picking Donaldson this week…she should be.

    Fuuuuuuuuck youuuuuu… 🙂

    Joshie is still available for another week. So there, dammit. I am moving on, aren’t I? Shoot… also, he’s a little hurt now. So 😛


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