The Midnight Snack – Friday

About freakin’ time. Let’s get this baseball and dance party started.

Overreactions R Us:  So, today is the day of overreactions.

As we found out earlier today, The Schwarb is down. I repeat, the Schwarb is down. I’m sad, definitely. However, unlike some people that I saw on ESPN, I don’t think this means that the Cubs are dooooooomed. Sure, Baby Babe swings a nasty bat, but he’s not the only person on the Cubs who drives in runs. I mean, Rizzo, Bryant, Fowler, JHey, and Soler are still alive and kicking, right? Sure they are. So the Cubs are, too.

But that’s not even the biggest reach of the night. This is:

Can you spot the overreaction here? 🙂

Shortstops Everywhere:  Today, Manny Machado played shortstop for the first time in roughly five thousand years. Now, yes, he came up at SS, but he’s been at third for so long that he should have been a little rusty. Nope. Not our boy Manny. He took to it like a duck to water. I wouldn’t be surprised if he covers SS every time JJ Hardy is rested because he was great.

And speaking of great, here’s one of the finest defensive shortstops who has ever played the game. Yeah, I went there. If you don’t think that Andrelton Simmons is one of the finest defensive shortstops who has ever graced a diamond, you need to get your eyes checked. There’s not too many things that I will ride and die for in baseball, but this is one of those things.

Simba for life, y’all.

10 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Friday

  1. Also, as a former labor foreman in DC, I have to be honest….I would have fired every white guy that I could just to keep those hard working dancers around…I mean I could always put the in bank vault later…..but a synchronized dance? What do you think I am a monster?

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    1. I like to think of that video as an equal opportunity one. There’s some hotness for everyone, you know? :p


    1. Thank you, the little lady wins the prize.

      As soon as I saw that come across my twitter feed, I was like, “REALLY Keuchel? We’re going there?”


  2. Here is the thing: how do fans, players, managers, coaches, and media members not understand that the purpose of the runner is to get to the next base safely and eventually score. That is it. There is nothing in the rules permitting a runner to interfere in anyway with the defense. Indeed, there are many rules (many of which have been ignored by the umps for far too long) expressly prohibiting runners from interfering with the actions of the defense.

    The fact that so many people think a runner that is ALREADY OUT should be allowed to interfere with the defense shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the purpose of the runner. The rule is really simple. Act like a runner that is trying to be safe and nothing more. That is your job. Slide to the base, before the base, and stay on the base….you know….LIKE A MOTHER FUCKING RUNNER IS SUPPOSED TO DO. And all will be well, act outside the bounds of what a runner is supposed to be, and you and other runners will be deemed out for interfering with the defense.

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    1. It bothers the heck out of me that people think it’s fine and dandy to reach up and pull a leg or try to trip a guy. No. That’s not what you do! Ughhhh.


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