Site News: Official Twitter Page!

Exciting news everyone!  The Site now has an official twitter account!  By default all new articles will be automatically tweeted, giving everyone another option to follow us.  The account gives us an official social media presence.  Feel free to click that sweet Follow button.  Or not.  Whatever.  No pressure.  You know.  If you want to.  Or whatever.

Congratulations to Old Gator for writing the post that ended up being our first Tweet!

Next up Author Bio Pages.  I know, I’ve been procrastinating it for a bit, but I’m really going to get to it soon™.  I promise.  Really.


18 thoughts on “Site News: Official Twitter Page!

  1. If you are an alcoholic like me, stay off of twitter (thank god I quit long ago. Too much trouble). Watching the Phillies and drinking heavily is enough punishment to one’s self.


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