FI Home Run Derby – Week 2 Selections

As was mentioned back in this post, I am running a Home Run Derby this season.  You can find the full details of how it will be operated there.

Thanks to the suggestion from Kevin, I’ll be doing both an elimination version and a full season version simultaneously, so when/if you get knocked out of the eliminator, you can still participate in the other.  Also, that will give folks who missed out on the beginning a chance to potentially catch up.

If you are participating in both contests, you are free to pick different players for each contest each week.  Just be sure to specify which is which.

Picks for this week will be due before the first pitch of the first game on Monday April 11th.  You may deposit your picks in the comments below.

54 thoughts on “FI Home Run Derby – Week 2 Selections

  1. Rule clarification: For the elimination contest, can we pick the same player repeatedly or is it like an eliminator pool where you have to pick a different player/team each week?


    1. You’re fucking with me, right? I mean, you have to be fucking with me.

      One-and-done. You can’t use Harper again, regardless of whether you call him Bryce or Royce.


      1. Just checking, when I went back and looked at the original post it wasn’t clear. I was hoping to not have to think.


        1. I thought it was pretty clear…

          “Picking players is a one-and-done thing. Once you’ve picked a player, no matter how many or how few HRs he hit for you that week, you can’t pick him ever again. You gotta move on to someone else.”


        2. Oh, see…this is your fault…you think people read entire posts, that was at the bottom….I just read the text for options 1 and 3.


        1. No one. Just being stupid….because you won’t let me pick the Triple Crown winner every week. 😦


        2. I don’t know what Frank Robinson has to do with any of this. He would certainly be a bold choice though…


  2. So, assuming you can’t re-pick a player for either contest, I’ll just flip them:

    Elimination: Chris Davis

    Full Season: Royce Harper


      1. Well, if it was a contest in which the guy had to commit an error, I’d be picking hitters that can’t field…like the Tiger’s 1B.


        1. Matheny still sucks so bad at decision making.

          Last night they faced a SP that is horrible against lefties. So he starts 3 of the 6 lefties he could have played. Jerko is probably the 3rd best option the Cardinals have on the current roster for SS and he sucks against RHP…so, yeah, start him instead of the guy that is a better fielder and a better hitter vs RHP.

          At this point, I just shake my head or roll my eyes at his decisions, but they are so baffling…and he NEVER learns anything, he’ll make the same mistakes over and over and over and over….and as the roster loses talent, there is less ability to make up for his shitty decisions.

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  3. At the risk of exposing my genius too early and having everybody copy me again, I’ll go with Kranthony Bryzzo.

    What, he’s not a real player? Oh fine, just Rizzo then. Both pools.

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    1. OK, I’m falling asleep and my eyes have stopped functioning. I read your first line as “at the risk of exposing my genitals too early…”

      G’night all.


    1. It’s not exactly the same decision rubrik – highest probability of hitting at least home run in a given week against most expected home runs in a given week. Also, there’s more urgency in an elimination pool – you can take more risk in the season-long pool, since a goose egg doesn’t spike the whole season.


  4. Hey Lefty, are you keeping track of people’s picks on this thing? If so could we get a quick list of who picked who for each pool before game time on Monday? Also, could we find out who is still in and who is out of the Elimination Pool and who has what aggregate score for the Full Season Pool?

    Maybe a spreadsheet is in order, that would keep track of who has been picked by pool participants already. I’m not saying anyone will cheat, I’m saying that if anyone else is like me, they won’t remember two weeks later who they already picked.

    For example, I see that Arenado (my Elimination pick) and Pence (my Full Season pick) have 1 HR each, so I’m still alive in Elimination and have an aggregate score of 1 (so far) in Full Season, but Arenado and Pence are now on my verboten list.

    Week 2 picks:

    Elimination: Robbie Cano
    Full Season: Crush Davis


    1. Yes, I’m keeping track of everything. Similar layout to the FA Prediction thing from the offseason. Green will be good, red will be bad.

      I haven’t posted it yet because it’s still active. This week’s games don’t end until Sunday night, so everyone still has time to add to their weekly totals or get that HR they need to advance in the elimination pool.

      As of this exact moment, only Chaco (Rasmus) and Prof (Alvarez) have come up empty in the elimination pool, but there’s still time. Everyone else is already through to next week.

      In the full season pool, Paper has 2HR’s from Crush Davis. Everyone else currently has 1, again except for Chaco and Prof.

      As for your particular picks, Arenado is only off-limits to you in the elimination pool, you could still use him in the full season pool….and vice versa with Pence. Using a guy in one pool doesn’t disqualify him from us in the other.


        1. Yup, I’m tracking everything. Including the fact that you missed Week 1 of the elimination pool. Can’t let people join that particular pool in progress….but I’ll put you down for Trout in the full season pool.

          Also, Pi x Pi = 9, because


    1. Park Byung-ho only played 3 games this week, so I’m not really sure about the number of games he’ll play next so yep, I’ll go with Sano on both pools in this one.


      1. We can’t go with Park again in the elimination derby because you can only use each player once in the elimination derby (see post by longfootlefty above).

        How about Sano for the elimination pool and Park for the season one?


        1. But he’s our favorite. We might even treat him to some White Castles at the all star break.

          Sano for both Ren? After that we’ll have to settle for boring players like Trout and Goldschmidt. Or Bumgarner.


      1. I was kinda hoping it wouldn’t happen against gray…but the odds were good with a series against the A’s.


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