The Midnight Snack – Thursday

Let’s hug it out, F.I.

Collision Specialists:  I didn’t see this in real time, but pretty darn close to it. Thanks to an MLB Network cut-in, my horror was magnified with every replay. And what is the cause of this agony? Dexter Fowler and Kyle Schwarber collided in the outfield, resulting in Baby Babe Ruth holding his leg in what appeared to be extreme pain. He couldn’t even walk off the field; they ended up calling a cart out for him. I was worried that the Schwarb had messed up his knee, but here we have the Cubs’ official Twitter account giving all Cubs fans and people who like fellows who mash taters for a living a sigh of relief.

Oh, thank goodness. Still not great, though, but I think this calls for a collective hug for Cubs fans.

Welcome to my New Obsession:  So, every year I decide to pick some dude from a team that’s not my usual team to get hype about. I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager. Some folks in this category include Ben Zobrist, Scooter Gennett and Jacob deGrom. Last year it was Joc Pederson. Usually I wait until about June to pick my random player but this year I’ve already found him three games in.

Joey Rickard, come on down!

I was able to watch the Orioles/Twins game from about the bottom of the fourth so I saw Rickard’s homer first hand and y’all, I cheered like one of my dudes hit one. And he’s not even on my fantasy team or anything like Manny Machado is, so I had no reason to cheer like I did. That’s when I knew that this year, Rickard is the one for me.

Sooooo looking forward to seeing more from this kid. Not sure if I want to hug him or not, but it’s probably only a matter of time.

Goodnight, fam. I’d give all of you hugs, but I’ll allow Rangers Captain to do the honors for me.

23 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Thursday

  1. X-rays for the Warbird were negative, but until the MRI comes back clean tomorrow, I’ll still be holding about half of my breath.

    And considering that this is the snack, I figured you would have been all over this…

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    1. Oh my god. Where on God’s green earth do I acquire this cereal!?!?!?! I am sure it tastes terrible but I NEED IT. NEED. IT.


    2. Also, I was going to tag you in this because when Schwarb went down I immediately thought of you. I was talking to friends on Skype and I think I freaked out a little. And by a little I mean a lot because I was worried as hell about our little Baby Babe.


      1. Yeah, it looked immediately awful. But if you look at the replay again, assuming you can tolerate doing such a thing, you can clearly see Schwarber reaching his glove out to try to stop the ball from rolling away while he’s laid out on the ground. I thought that was a good sign that it would be a less-serious injury….if he’d broken something, I doubt he’d have had enough of his faculties about him to try that. I still fully expect him to land on the DL, but hopefully this won’t be the season-ending thing that it very easily could have been.

        Pretty sure you can only get that cereal at Jewel stores in the Chicagoland area. Also, some percentage of the sales go to his cancer charity/foundation.


    1. 29 runs in the first 3 games is pretty damn solid work. That puts the Cubs on pace to score 1566 runs this season, which feels like it would be a record.

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  2. I saw that collision in real time. Fortunately, Fowler hit him just before his left foot planted or it could have been really bad.


  3. You know, if y’all joined the 21st century like nearly every other professional league in the world and adopted the DH, Schwarber wouldn’t own a glove and this never would have happened. Totally worth it to grok over some pitcher slashing .150/.180/.190 getting a hold of a BP fastball and barely clearing the fence though, right?

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    1. Holy Hell’s Bells. You’re right Kevin. If there were a DH in the NL, this wouldn’t have happened— to Schwarber. It would have happened to whatever scrub/schlub was playing left field, thereby saving your precious one from injury. So, you betcha, the DH would somehow prevent all injuries, to all top players. or something.


      1. Nah, because then they would have had a competent fielder out there who was far less likely to get into a collision than Schwarber’s bumbling mess of an attempt to field his position. But sure, if you’re okay with increased injuries from pitchers hitting and DH’s fielding, be my guest. Me, I like mitigating the risks to my exciting young stars.

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        1. Well, since I can only think of one (1) pitcher who got hurt hitting, And Shwarber is the only DH-person I can think of who got hurt actually trying to be a complete baseball player, then the odds are fairly set against all your incipient disaster injury scenarios.


        2. Wainwright, Scherzer, Wang, Pettitte, Randy Johnson, Zambrano… and that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure there are more.


  4. Also, while Joey Rickard’s a nice story, I’m more excited about Dylan Bundy making it back into a major league game. I have no idea if the O’s messed him up with how they handled him or if his high school workloads meant he was always going to break, but even if he’ll never deliver on his previous promise, it was awesome to see him make it back to the show after two lost years.


    1. I read an S.I. article about Bundy what feels like a hundred years ago, when he was a minor league wunderkind and just fresh out of school, and while I marvelled at him then I still had a feeling that someone who was THAT intense about playing and didn’t really do anything else was headed for disaster.

      One reason why a lot of guys are falling apart these days is because they don’t diversify. If they play baseball, that’s all they play. And there’s really no reason why a young man needs to pitch entire games with mid-90s cutters all day. That’s going to mess you up, I don’t care who you are.


    2. I can’t say for sure if the O’s damaged him, but I can say they were EXTREMELY cautious with him form day 1. I can’t help but feel he was already headed down that path long before he was drafted. He pitched last night. Went one inning, gave up 1 hit, had a runner thrown out at second, and gave up a VERY long fly out with the outfielder’s back to the wall. Didn’t look great, but didn’t look bad. We’ll see what his next performance is like. On the plus side, he says he’s going multiple innings, multiple days without ANY arm soreness for the first time in years, so that’s a really good sign.

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        1. Yep. That, and seriously, why allow him at 16, 17 years old to throw that fast of a cutter on the regular? Even big league guys with experience don’t do it as often as Bundy did


      1. Yeah, I know the O’s weren’t reckless with him, but I know there were some eyebrows raised about the way they went about trying to protect him. But like mule said, his douchebag high school coach rode him into the ground, so maybe there wasn’t anything they could have done.

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