Not Everyone Loves Mascots

It seems Addison Russell didn’t get the memo that the FI Mascot Poll was already completed, because last night, he tried to pull a Tonya Harding on Baxter D. Bobcat.  Baxter, who is probably still a little upset over his first round loss, did not take the attempted assault very well.


Full video below.

No word if Baxter was waiting for Addison in the dugout after the game or not.




4 thoughts on “Not Everyone Loves Mascots

    • If you asked me to make a list of teams that would not voluntarily extend the netting, Arizona would likely be tops on the list


  1. The only two mascots I ever liked were the SD Chicken (when it allowed to be called such) and the Dave Raymond-costumed Phillie Phanatic. All the rest, meh.

    Though when in DC I do enjoy the race of the Presidents. Maybe someone oughta do a race of also-rans and invite everyone the political system this year has eaten up…


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