Update Game 3: John Oliver Rips Apart The Yankees Ticket Policy



A few days ago, comedian John Oliver ripped apart the Yankees for their being “the biggest elitist assholes in all of sports.”  If you haven’t watched it yet, I implore you to do so immediately.  If not for the super hot picture of the Philly Phanatic celebrating his recent victory in the first annual F.I Derek Jeter Memorial March Mascot Madness.

If you have never seen John Oliver’s show, he is usually both incredibly funny while still being on point.  The show follows a “The Daily Show” format, except it focuses on a singular topic.  While the show is an HBO exclusive, every episode is released in full on YouTube a day or so later, so the rest of the world can enjoy.  Oliver recently made internet headlines for his hilarious commentary on Donald Drumph.

In the latest episode, Oliver announced that he had purchased premium tickets to the first three home games for the New York Yankees and would be selling them to fans for the bargain price of .25 cents.  But there is one catch.  You had to submit a picture of what you would wear to the game, and that costume had to be deemed unacceptable for the premium section.

“The New York Yankees will continue to find ways to look like the biggest elitist assholes in all of sports,” said Oliver in his opening salvo. “The Yankees make sure nobody gets into their premium seating who doesn’t belong there. But, for the first three games of this season at least, there will be riffraff in those seats.”

The Huffington Post is following the submissions here.  You can follow the Twitter submissions on your own at the hashtag #IHaveNeverSatInAPremiumLocation.

After last night’s rain out, today is the official opener at Yankee Stadium, and while it has not been verified, I think it’s safe to say we have our first winners.

I will attempt to update this post as the story unfolds.

ScoutsUpdate: Game two photos are in! 


After two fans dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sat right behind home plate in the Bronx on Opening Day, visible from the center-field camera on every pitch, four fans — two dressed like Katy Perry’s sharks from her Super Bowl performance and two in turquoise unicorn costumes — sat in the second row Wednesday night, though they were just off camera toward the third-base side. All four were winners of the contest put forth by HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” hosted by comedian John Oliver.

H/T To Kevin S. for the tip!

ScoutsUpdate: Day three has arrived!  Today it was Dinosaurs!  Rwarrr!

The Yankees finally acknowledged the prank.

If you ask me, John Oliver won this round.  Good work.

25 thoughts on “Update Game 3: John Oliver Rips Apart The Yankees Ticket Policy

  1. Unfortunately the timing of the games does not coincide with my work schedule, but I seriously considered putting in on this contest.


  2. That is freaking fantastic. I was curious which approaches people would take to their attire…and, of course, if the Yankees would even let them into the stadium or into their seats if they somehow disapproved.

    I wonder if they would have let these guys sit there if they didn’t have a heads up that this was going to happen so that they could avoid the negative PR if they quadrupled down on their elitism.

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  3. Fun Fact: The Oliver episode about Donald Drumpf is the most watched episode of HBO anything ever. That beats Sopranos finale, Game of Thrones finales/premieres, etc..gotta love YouTube.

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  4. As a lifelong Yankee fan, I absolutely love this. I have always poked fun at the elitist attitude of the front office, much to the irritation of my fellow fans. The sharks were hilarious. They were actually moving around the section chatting with regular patrons, none of whom seemed to have the slightest problem with them being there.

    The Legends Suites were a boneheaded miscalculation born from greed and a seriously inflated sense of how many people would shell out that much money for tickets without the intention to sell many of them on the secondary market.

    The second boneheaded miscalculation was by people who bought the tickets at face value expecting to make money in the secondary market. Except for marquee matchups, those tickets sell on stub hub and other sites for far below face value in many cases.

    All and all, it’s a situation that deserves mockery and I am enjoying the hell out of Oliver’s take down.

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