Update: Kyle Schwarber Out For The Year

According to MLBTR Buster Onley is reporting that the Cubs are very concerned about Schwarber’s injury, and that the team is more worried about his knee than his ankle.  An update is not expected to arrive until very late in the day.

Schwwarber was injured in a collision with fellow outfielder Dexter Fowler in last night’s ball game.

The 23-year-old rose quickly to the majors and made a huge impact last year. A catcher by trade, Schwarber’s bat has been good enough that he’s expected to spend regular time in the outfield while he hones his craft behind the plate. He ended the 2015 season — his age-22 campaign — with a robust .246/.355/.487 batting line and 16 home runs over 273 plate appearances. Of course, there’s room for growth. In particular, Schwarber saw most of his action against right-handed pitching, which he demolished, but struggled to a .481 OPS in 61 trips to the plate against southpaws.

This post will be updated when once additional information is released.

Scouts Update:

Terrible news for Cubs fans, it looks like Schwarber is done for the season.  ESPN is reporting that Schwarber has full tears to both the ACL and LCL in his left knee as well as a severely sprained ankle.  Schwarber has already been placed on the DL.

Munenori Kawasaki will take Schwarber’s roster spot with Jorge Soler starting in left field Friday at Arizona.

Cubs manager Joe Maddon had said Soler and Tommy La Stella would see time in Schwarber’s place, with third baseman Kris Bryant possibly playing more outfield as well.

24 thoughts on “Update: Kyle Schwarber Out For The Year

  1. I’ve subjected myself to watching that play a couple more times today…and I’m gearing myself up for him missing 2 months. Anything less than that would be a win.

    Luckily, the Cubs have some depth to draw from to fill in that gap. Soler would already be starting in a corner OF spot on pretty much every other team…maybe not the Pirates…so things aren’t too completely dire.

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    1. It looked like his knee at first. Fuck, he looked like he dislocated his neck, ruptured his knee, and caused a minor 5.2 earthquake. I was very pleasantly surprised to see only an ankle initially reported. Keep ya heads up.


      1. That is keeping my head up. If this was 2011 and Schwarber was pretty much the lone bright spot on that roster…which he would have been…I’d be completely convinced that he’d miss the next 18 months because something would end up going wrong in his rehab from the initial injury.

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      1. One of the biggest things I like about the current ownership is that they are a “prepare for the worst” kind of group too. You need depth to get through a season and they’ve assembled a good bit of that. Even if Schwarber misses the rest of the season, that shouldn’t derail the team’s postseason chances.


        1. Hey Longfootlefty, don’t worry! You have a great front office, great scouts and a really good team. Have you noticed how the Sox have been sucking shit since he left? You are out of 522,000 and the insurance will pay at least half!

          I’m really pulling for the Cubs to get the Monkey of your back as fans. After the first championship, you believe that you’re never going to be mad at the team again, you even tell people that you’re gonna give them a five-year grace period! You’re almost believing in the delusional statement.

          Tl;dr…. I fucking NEED a new fan base to be insufferable just so you all don’t hate the Boston Pedroias😎


      1. Scouts….when I finally figure out how to post images and gifs, After a little training from you, I would be honored to do your light work! That’s a world class no fucks given!🏆 cheers

        Even though I am a Sith Lord, I absolutely promise to murder you last!

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      2. For some reason WordPress won’t let me like your original post but I did push the like button twice, both before and after I commented. If this is the way that your shitty website is going to work than WHY am I fucking here? Do you know how much money and time I spend here? I’m just saying what WE are all thinking! Where the FUCK is our residuals?

        Anyway………thanks again for doing this, you’re kinda like a little brother to me and I appreciate what you’re doing to give us this playground and even though you have poor taste in the teams you root for……..I won’t spit on your baby for wearing Bird gear, I just can’t vouch for Tawmey from Qwinzy, although I promise you that I will throw a couple of fake baggies of brown sugar to get them off your trail, but if I slip a couple elbows on your kids on the way out, it’s just to make it seem like I hate you and anyone else who ever loved you!


    1. I have him in both of my leagues.

      I’ll just stash him on the DL for now in my keep-forever league…but in my single-season league, it’s time to cut him loose and wish I could somehow get that $16 back.


      1. Put four dollars down on the Jays tomorrow! Unless Wakefield is pitching batting practice , I expect to lose 11-8, but maybe extra innings.


      1. Yeah, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. Well, there is one guy, but no need to elaborate.

        I lost Pollock in another high profile league (that I won last season). I’m already preparing to box up the traveling trophy to this season’s eventual champ.

        An amazing likeness, really, but I wear my hair longer than that. I also ditched the Hulk pants when I was refused service at some of Greeley’s finer dining establishments.

        Sadly, the 2014 champs shipped him to me with a broken bat. My first attempt to fix him up resulted in Saggy Bat Syndrome. I might mix a few grains of Viagra in the epoxy on the next try and see if that firms the old boy up a bit.

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  2. This really sucks for Schwarber. That is a devastating injury. Hopefully, surgery goes well and he heals up. I guess it is good that defense and speed weren’t a big part of his value, but this will probably have some affect on those things anyway as he ages.

    I really don’t think this will have much affect on the Cubs season. They have crazy good depth. This may give away a little offense, but most of that will be gained by improved defense.


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