A Rookie Is The Hottest Player In Baseball

At the moment, Trevor Story is the hottest player in baseball, and it’s absolutely amazing to watch.  Story managed to hit two more home runs today, bringing his season total up to 6 in just 4 games.

DENVER — Rockies rookie shortstop Trevor Story became the fifth player in Major League history to homer in four straight games to start a season when he socked his fifth — a two-run shot in the fourth inning of a 13-6 loss to the Padres on Friday. Remarkably, Story added to his career-opening barrage with homer No. 6 in the ninth inning off lefty Ryan Buchter.


By going deep in a fourth straight game to start a season, he matched the mark set by Willie Mays in 1971, and matched by Mark McGwire (the Padres’ current hitting coach) in 1998, Nelson Cruz in 2011 and Chris Davis in ’13.

Story will eventually cool off and come back down to earth, but in the mean time, we should all enjoy this story, and keep it as a reminder to just what is so beautiful about this game we love.  It’s always the ones that catch up by surprise that keep us tuning in day in and day out.  For me, I will continue to root for Story and hope he’s able to keep up this very impressive display of power for a while longer.

2 thoughts on “A Rookie Is The Hottest Player In Baseball

  1. How about we guess how many he hits without going over? I say 4 more until they figure out his holes. I’m thinking that he doesn’t even make the team by the end of the all-star game ( though I would LUV to be wrong) and we all know batters are sharper than pitchers now. Do you honestly think Greinke will Shit the bed his next start? This guy is a feel good story and in five weeks he will be a after thought!


  2. So…. who picked this guy for Week 1 of the Full Scoring iteration of the FI Home Run Derby? Who wishes they did? (raises hand)

    Pat Tabler said on the Jays’ broadcast last night that this guy needs to change his first name to Cinderella.


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