Hawk Harrelson’s Can ‘o’ Corn Home Run

The worst announcer in all major sports has started the season off with his glorious and endless set of hawkisms right where he left them…which I believe was next to an old, half-dissolved U.S. Cellular field urinal cake with a earth-tone rainbow medley of pubes on it. Yesterday when Carlos Rodon gave up his only home run to the A’s offense, Hawk was so certain that it was not a HR that he casually remarks “can ‘o’ corn” as it sails over the fence. I can only assume Hawk was not sitting in his catbird seat for this one. Can he retire now? Check it out below.

12 thoughts on “Hawk Harrelson’s Can ‘o’ Corn Home Run

  1. Hey Bravo…where did you get that video link from?

    I would love to be able to embed video clips like this for the HR Derby thing I’m doing.


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