Feesh Draw Third Blood

The Padres were orf tonight so I killed time waiting out the hour and a half rain delay that dilated the Feesh-Gnats game by alternately reading a critical biography of Sergio Leone and watching Three Stooges clips on YouTube, nyuknyuknyuk. I hadn’t noticed it before, but Larry, Moe and Curly would have looked great in brown and yellow.

It was worth it. The Feesh starter, Adam Conley, was clearly uncomfortable pitching in a drizzle and got smacked around like Robert DiNiro in the meeting scene from Analyze This.  Fortunately, the Feesh came right back with three runs of their own before the umpires finally decided that the field was even unfit for the gilled.

When they came back, the Feesh put up three more – one on an RBI single by winning pitcher in relief David Phelps, who went four scoreless, and one on a misplayed sinking liner by the Geico Caveman orf the bat of Justin Bour and a Realmuto single, giving Bryan Morris, who continues to suck, a chance to give up a bonus run on Bryce Harper’s statement blast orf the right field mezzanine facade. No real harm done, since A J Ramos fanned Harper, who represented the tying run, to end the game at 6-4.

One highlight reel moment featured Dee Gordon falling on his touchas catching an infield popup that was drifting back over his head. Dear Buddha, I love to watch that guy laugh at himself.

So: the Feesh hang on, finally to enter the ween column after being…eh…schlonged twice by the Tiggers, and give Jar Jar Baseball his first victory as a  Scrooge McLoria factotem.


10 thoughts on “Feesh Draw Third Blood

  1. You made an “analyze this” reference. Just pointing that out.

    I watched El Keed pitch the other day… both because I love him and because he’s on my fantasy team for the third year in a row (I like filling my DL spots). Of course for fantasy purposes, it was infuriating to see him leave one out short of a QS, but man, that guy mowed down that lineup for quite awhile before losing steam. This dude throws 13 Ks in his sleep. I can’t wait to see a full and healthy season from him (fingers crossed).


    1. I think, but I’m not sure, that the Analyze This reference you refer to is “Adam Conley, was clearly uncomfortable pitching in a drizzle and got smacked around like Robert DiNiro in the meeting scene from Analyze This.” Was that the Analyze This reference you meant? If so, thank you for pointing it out – it just got right by me the first time.

      Incidentally, there was also a Three Stooges reference, a short passage concluding with “nyuknyuknyuk,” which you completely missed, which probably stigmatizes you as a Generation X-er. Next time, I’ll be sure to put the lead in comment about watching the Three Stooges on YouTube in boldface to spare you the embarrassment of missing it in full view of every boomer and relict Greatest Generational on the board.


      1. I thought the lede was: Feesh Weeen!

        As a Gen X/Yer, perhaps if you replaced Sergio Leone with The Coen Bros and the Three Stooges with “Ow! My B%*#s” the reference wouldn’t have been missed.


        1. Aha – so you realize that Miller’s Crossing is a remake of Yojimbo (which itself was based on Hammet’s The Glass Key and Red harvest – the scene where Verna coldcocks Tom in the ladies’ room came straight from Hammet, bypassing Kurosawa) Eggselent!

          But I’m sticking with the Stooges. “Ow! My balls!” is mere designatedhitterball lowbrow compared to the sublime ironies of “Raw liver sandwich?”


        2. I knew the Coen Bros were fans of Leone but didn’t know the specifics. Gives me something to watch this fabulous weekend in snowy Cleveland (3-5 inches by tomorrow morning). And the “ow my balls” referred to the prescient documentary film, “Idiocracy,” not the modern Japanese retread.


        3. Okay, you asked for something “fabulous.” How about some Spaghetti Disney (yes! That’s not another one of my typhoid hallucinations!) See if you can find Allegro Non Troppo, Bruno Bozzetto’s riposte to Fantasia, featuring the sublime Maurizio Nichetti, the “Italian Groucho Marx,” sadly underknown here in the States. it’ll definitely make the snow melt faster for you.

          Failing that, you can also find Sergio Carbucci’s Django, the film that inspired not only Tarantino’s film (the star of the original version, Franco Nero, appears as an in-joke as the rich Italian merchant at the Mandingo fighting bar – and why not, he’s married to Vanessa Redgrave, after all, so I’m surprised that Tarantino filmed him without his Kalashnikov), but also inspired Peckinpah (you will instantly recognize one of the greatest scenes from The Wild Bunch in the Corbucci 1966 original).

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        4. Don’t sample it. Play it on a WIDE screen with good speakers – the music, as in its target film, is wonderful and the animation is otherworldly terrific.


      2. . . . and my awesome local library has a streaming copy of Django. Wild Bunch is one of my favorites.


        1. Trez cool. Let me know how you liked them when you’ve survived both screenings.

          PS – cool to augment your consciousness – anything will do, from wine to brownies – for Allegro.


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