Your Annual Reminder That Giancarlo Stanton Can Hit Ball Good

Just in case you may have forgotten over the long winder break, Giancarlo Stanton can mash.  The Marlins, who are not expected to be very competitive this year have at least one very bright spot on their roster.


At the time it was the bottom of the 6th, there was 1 man on, two outs, and the Marlins were down 5-1.  The Home Run came off Justin Verlander and traveled 401 feet.  The Marlins eventually tied the game at 7 before the Tigers pulled away for the victory in 11 innings.  And yes, Histo, VMart went boom.

6 thoughts on “Your Annual Reminder That Giancarlo Stanton Can Hit Ball Good

  1. What I love is that Stanton struck out twice last night and Anthony Gose hit a homer farther than Stanton’s but the story is about Stanton’s “moon shot.”


  2. The Iron Giant does Iron Giant things. The hang time on that shot was nearly seven seconds, and it made up in altitude what it lacked in linear distance – gravity’s rainbow on display.

    Wei-Yin Chen got smacked around pretty badly in his Macondo Banana Massacre Field debut. In lieu of knowing much about him, due to pitching previously in the Designatedhitterball league to which I pay the scant attention it warrants, I’ll chalk it up to opening night jitters instead of incipient mediocrity. I mean, there must have been some legitimate reason that Scrooge McLoria coughed up eighty mil for five years for this guy, right? Bryan Morris also strode purposefully in from the boolpen and sucked. So it goes. Adeiny Hechavarria made two throwing errors, which is really odd for him. We’ll see where this leads.

    El Keed goes this afternoon. Hope springs eternal.


    1. I would not hold your breath on Chen. There was a reason Baltimore a team with a pretty terrible pitching staff made zero effort to keep him. Sure some nights he’ll go 7/8 innings with 3 hits, but other nights he’s gonna give up 7-8 runs and you can’t tell why. He has progressively gotten worse the longer his career has gone, and I figure the Marlins will be begging him to take that opt out clause.


      1. In an odd way, I kinda hope you’re right, especially if a struggling Chen tells the franchise to take its opt out clause and shove it – maybe it’ll be the straw that breaks the mole rat’s back and inspires Scrooge McLoria to put the team on sale out of frustration and disgust.


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