The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

The Neverending Story:  Guys, Trevor Story is at it again.

This time he got his homer off of Shelby Miller, whom Braves fans might remember from his brief time in Atlanta and the main subject of the greatest trade that the Braves have made in probably three years at least.

So, with ZG and his ‘flu’ and Shelby Miller returning to his St. Louis form out in the desert, does anyone think that there’s a reason to panic already?

Nah. It’s a long season, right? Greinke always starts out cold in April and Miller is…well… let’s just say that last year was an outlier year for ol’ Shelby. I might be the only Braves fan other than my friend Brandon who was glad to see him go, but I really didn’t think he could sustain his performance from last year. I guess we’ll see, though.

Clippin’ Wings: There are a few bird affiliated teams in baseball, as well as the Angels. A few of them aren’t starting off too badly – the Blue Jays and Orioles seem to be doing all right for themselves, but the aforementioned Angels, and the Cardinals? Not so much.

Fresh off of losing Opening Day to in-division rivals Pittsburgh, the Cardinals once again lost a game to the Pirates today in a wild one. Jordy Mercer’s walk-off single wins the day against Seth Maness.

The Angels are just as bad. Actually, they are worse. As of this blog post, which was written during the Cubs/Angels game (bottom of the 8th), both Albert Pujols and Mike Trout are hitless for the season. I’m more concerned about the Halos’ pitching staff. I don’t really follow the AL except for a very few teams, so I honestly don’t know, but does every pitcher on the Angels legitimately have an ERA over 5.00? The only reason Jered Weaver doesn’t is because he’s out of commission, right? I wrote this tweet yesterday and it still holds true tonight.

Roadtrip!:  I think we need to go visit our friend Happy up in Minnesota. Why? Because the Twins are offering some decent grub at Target Field!  I visit Minneapolis frequently, as my best friend lives there, although I haven’t been in about a year and a half. Insert sadface here because I truly love Minneapolis, especially in the summertime. One reason I like the Twin Cities is because of the truly delicious food at Pizza Luce.

Now, if you’ve been in Minneapolis and you haven’t eaten at Pizza Luce, please love yourself and go immediately. The reason I’m raving about this wonderful place is because Pizza Luce is selling a special pie at Target Field, named after one of my favorite mascots, the fun and friendly TC Bear!

For the record, the TC Bear is about fifteen million different kinds of meat and some cheese on the delicious Pizza Luce crust. Perfect for a carnivore.

Unlike the other horrid stuff that other parks are trying to feed us, the good folks at Target Field actually love us and want us to be happy.



7 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

    1. I WAS gonna take Ortiz for a lark just to piss every one off. I’m wishing I did it for the lulz, but I am still glad I didn’t, he may want another contract and I didn’t want to jinx it!

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