Zack Greinke Should Have Stayed In Bed

Zack Greinke had  a terrible start to the 2016 season.  The pitcher who will for ever now be referred to as the 206.5 Million dollar man (I’d be okay with people bringing up my salary every-time they mentioned my name if I was making 200 million.) apparently pitched with the flu.

Greinke gave up 7 runs on 9 hits in 4 innings against the Rockies.  Last season, Zack did not give up 6 runs in a single game, let alone 6 in a single inning. (He gave up more than 3 only twice.)  Zack also never went less than 6 innings last season.  If Greinke rebounds in his next start, all will be forgotten.  If not, this could hang over his head for a while.  I’m pretty sure our resident nurse @indaburg will agree when I say, if you are feeling sick, do the world a favor and just stay in bed.  Trying to tough it out rarely does anyone any good.  There appears to be no rest for the weary however, as Greinke’s next scheduled start is against the Cubs.

14 thoughts on “Zack Greinke Should Have Stayed In Bed

  1. I work with the flu. Zack, you work with the flu. Suck it up, buttercup. I sleep when I am dead.

    Seriously, your nurse is probably sick because no one could cover her. I have worked several times very sick, one time with a fever of 104. (I got a fever, and the prescription is more cowbell!) They would not let me go home because it would leave them short staffed. I was sicker than most of the patients I was caring for in the ER. I tried reasoning with the charge nurse to no avail–what sense is it to care for immunosuppressed people when I am ill? A nurse cannot leave her station. It is patient abandonment. I stayed and sucked it up.

    Do not do as your nurse and Greinke. If you have the luxury of staying home, stay. Stay home. Rest and watch baseball. Keep your germs to yourself. Drink lots of fluids. Wash your hands copiously.

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