Trevor Story Is Quite The Story

Okay, Okay, yea that headline is pretty lame.  Can you believe I actually get paid for this?  Because I don’t.  So suck it.  (And yes, I will reuse the hell out of that clip.)

Anyways, back on topic.  Opening Day is, in fact, the best day of the year.  It’s better than Christmas.  It’s better than Thanksgiving.  It’s even better than my Birthday.  It brings hope and change and the end of a long, cold, terrible, shitty winter.  (Well, for most of us anyways.)  For Trevor Story, it was the first opportunity for him to show the world what he can do.

Facing Zack Greinke with two men on in the top of the 3rd of a 1-1 ball game, Story collected his first major league hit.

The following inning, he faced Greinke again and collected his second major league hit.

But my man Story is not just about the bat.  He also knows how to handle his position and make Rockies fans say Tulu who?

When the rookie shortstop took Greinke deep to right field for a three-run homer with a capacity crowd of 48,165 watching, including what seemed to be about half the population from Story’s hometown of Irving, Texas, the moment was not too big for him. Heck, that was not pressure. He told me pressure was making his prep debut as a 14-year-old freshman, having to make that long throw across the diamond to first baseman Tyler Story, who was not only his big brother but the role model who helped him fall in love with baseball.

Tales such as these are just one of the many reasons why we all love Opening Day.  Finally, baseball is back.

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