The Midnight Snack – OPENING DAY!

Brothers and sisters, we made it. We survived the offseason. Today, we feasted on the bounty of real live baseball, played by real live players, on real life and/or real astroturf grass. Games that mean something. Games that count. Real saves, real wins, real home runs.

Oh, sweet mystery of life. Let’s get started, shall we?

Keeping It Really Real:  Friends, today the Dodgers kept it really real against the Padres. Like 15-0 realness. No, your eyes do not deceive. It truly was 15-0 on the back of a typically dominant Clayton Kershaw performance – 7 innings pitched, 9 strikeouts, one hit and one walk. The Dodgers only left two hitters stranded on their end. Talk about a butt kicking.

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: And then on the opposite end, we have the Rangers and Mariners. A strange game in which the Rangers only actually collected one hit, but scored three to give them a 3-2 victory over King Felix and Seattle. Hernandez was actually pitching well until the fifth inning – a no-no – until Prince Fielder came to town with a bloop RBI single. As well as the fluky hit by Prince, Hernandez gave up three walks and two errors in the same fifth inning. It sure is good to see Prince smiling again, though.

Young Guns: We got us some fresh meat, kids. In the AL, we have the Orioles’ Joey Rickard. A Rule 5 pick, he made the team on a hot spring training and did not disappoint today. First MLB at bat, knocks a single. Second major league at bat? Hits a double! He’s gonna be fun to watch all season.

In the NL, we got Trevor Story for the Rockies. And this happened:

Off Zack Greinke! This rookie hit two dingers off my boy ZG in his debut. Have yourself a night, young man.

And you guys have a night, too. I’m gonna finish watching this Cubs game and yell at the awesomeness that is Anthony Rizzo and Jake Arrieta, and continued to be amazed that Miggy Montero hit a two run homer.

14 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – OPENING DAY!

  1. When Joey Rickard came up to bat his third time the crowd started chanting “Joey! Joey! Joey!” How amazing must that have felt, as a player, after all the minor league teams and independent league’s he’s been on, to step into his first major league game and have that happen?


    1. To me, these are the best sports stories….guys that are an after thought…and suddenly, the stadium is chanting your name…crazy!

      The John Scott story is the best story in hockey this year.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Maybe…it is also just cool to see guys that never expected to be in the lime light have their own moments and rise to the occasion.

          John Scott legitimately winning the NHL ASG MVP was awesome….the appreciation of the other players was awesome, and he’s been all class in interviews the entire time.


        2. So I know they’re both Gawker, but that’s Deadspin and the take down is from a sports and racial aspect.


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