So, What Did I Miss?


Last night, I watched the Rays look like crap against the Jays, and the Cubs beat the Trouts into a bloody pulp. Arrieta was a beast, and I should have taken Donaldson in the baseball home run pool. Dammit. The Jays have picked up where they left off last year.

Because I work and I have to get two kids ready for school tout de suite, tell me, what did I miss last night? Here are the scores. Discuss! 😉

Baltimore 3 – Twins 2

Matt Wieters walks it off for the O’s

Toronto 5 – Tampa Bay 3

Kevin Pillar makes an amazing catch


Texas 3 – Seattle 2


Chicago White Sox  4 – Oakland 3


Chicago Cubs 9 – Angels 0


San Francisco 12 – Milwaukee 3


Washington 4 – Atlanta 3

Bryce Harper hits a home run in his first at bat


Cincinnati 6 – Philadelphia 2


Los Angeles 15 – San Diego 0 (Worst Opening Day shut out loss in MLB history)


Colorado 10 – Arizona 5 (Greinke is not gritty!)


Houston – New York  and Boston – Cleveland – PPD (EXTREME COLD. Anything under 50 degrees is extreme cold to me.)




45 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss?

  1. Well, you watched the Razed game so there’s not much I could tell you, aside from the fact that sitting Tweeter spared you an indeterminate few additional doles. I endured watching him for several years with the Feesh, so I can tell you that in addition to his well documented aversion to mantises and mammaries, he also doesn’t much like coming to the plate with runners in scoring position. You might supplement the pails you keep for used cardboard, soda cans and plastic, with one for the runs he leaves on base this season – assuming, that is, they’ve found a way to recycle them.

    Also, here’s a fearless prediction. Ren, I know you’re out there, so pay attention: Tampa Bay is Tweeter’s last hurrah in American baseball. If he flops here too after failing to mesmerize in Macondo or with the Crew of the Minnow out west, he will, within a few seasons at most, need to go trans-Pacific and play in Japan or Korea if he wants to extend his career.

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  2. the A’s also picked up where they left off. not a bad showing off Sale.scored three, made him work. but ultimately crappy defense was the downfall.

    the sox scored their first on a misjudged flyball and an error. and their last 2 on a failed catch at first base.

    the bullpen though. they shut down the sox for 7 innings. hopefully that is a sign of things to come

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  3. Pillar’s catch was pretty amazing, but the dude needs to dial it back a notch. Going headfirst into the wall two games into the season is pushing your luck. He may have the Superman thing going for him, but he’s not indestructible.

    Anyway, Jays are 2-0 (in the Trop, no less) and Osuna has shown that he deserves the closer spot.

    Tonight: Sanchez vs Odorizzi.


  4. Chip Hale bitterly castigated the media for “making a big deal” about Opening Day and also for being excited about Shelby Miller’s first start as a DBack.

    Chip saw AZ fans were enjoying the thrilling exploits of Socrates Brito this spring. After the horror of Pollock’s injury, they were finally learning to laugh again. “Fuck that shit”, says Chip, “You want fun? Here’s your goddamn fun. Chris Owings is starting in centerfield today. Suck it!”

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  5. What with world time zones being what they are, and my own scheduling snafu preventing live viewing, I’ve only now managed to see a couple of games I recorded from the first ‘opening day’, specifically Cards at Pirates and then Mets at Royals (how long before it’s Opening Week?). Aside from noting how the Royals haven’t missed a beat since October, the real surprise for me was before the start of the first game when my screen was filled (and I mean fillllled) with ESPN’s John Sciambi.

    We had all that spring training talk about everyone’s favourite Panda and his weight problems, but nobody mentioned the commentary teams. Was it just a poor camera angle, too close with the wide angle lens, or has Sciambi been gaining frequent eater points at the local buffet? He made Ric Sutcliffe look positively svelte. I still think Sciambi is one of the better play-by-play guys, and his plus size means less chance of a three-man booth, so that’s a good thing, right?


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