Hey Brah, You Should Click This Link: Trout Edition

And by “brah” I mean all y’all boys and gals of course! Check out this entertaining read about the Trout family and how Mike is just now officially moving out of his South Dirty Jerz family home. This man is hard not to love. A pure talent that only wants to enjoy himself but never forgets where he came from…kinda rare these days. I can’t imagine he will ever have himself painted as a half man-half beast and hang the thing in his pad as some sort of trophy to himself. Not that anyone would do that. Keeping defying the odds, Mike!


12 thoughts on “Hey Brah, You Should Click This Link: Trout Edition

    1. So are you saying you want Mike’s parents to be your parents or that you want two Mike Trouts as your two dads? Either way I agree… just wondering.

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  1. You see all these intense, stumpy-legged baseball dads who can’t figure out why their kid (and the shitty genes he inherited) isn’t the Mike Trout of his league. Meanwhile, the real Mike Trout’s parents never pressured any of their kids to play sports.


    1. And THAT was my favorite part of the entire story. The fact they did is very likely why he’s so good! Being well-rounded is important, mmmkay? Not fat, just well rounded….


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