One Furry Moment

With 65% of our F.I. vote, the winner of the first annual F.I. Derek Jeter Memorial  March Mascot Madness is…


The immortal Phillie Phanatic!

I mean, everyone knew that the Phanatic was probably going to win, but there were still surprises and fun in this year’s tourney. I’d like to remind everyone that our friend Kevin S. predicted that it would be a fight between Phanatic and Mr. Met, and I’d also like to remind everyone that he was wrong. So pfft. 😛

But yes, there were huge surprises, at least to a dedicated mascot fan like myself. The fact that the Racing Sausages made the Final Four was probably one of the biggest. They were like Butler, 2010. DJ Kitty making the Elite Eight was akin to VCU a few years ago. Homer The Brave beating Baxter The Bobcat is like Yale beating Baylor. Neither one of them had a chance in the long run, but Baxter has a better pedigree, just like Baylor.

I hope you guys all had fun with this. I enjoyed it a lot. I’m not going to lie, though; I am really glad that we have actual games again.

So, Phanatic, you giant green troll of my heart, this goes out to you. Have your One Furry Moment!


8 thoughts on “One Furry Moment

  1. And yes, I chose that version of One Shining Moment both for the Adam Morrison in tears and the close up of JJ Redick, because I could.


    • Hot time in Philly tonight, what with the Phanatic’s win and then that epic ‘Cats victory. What a game that was. That’s all time.


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