The Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War threw out the first pitch in the KBO, using a Bazooka spear

(Must watch video… Property of SPOTV, this will redirect you to Youtube)

Check out new SK Wyverns mascot, Athena, throwi-… no, shooting out the first pitch using a bazooka spear to KT Wiz centerfielder and lead-off hitter, Lee Dae-hyung, in this SK/KT game (second game of the series) just a couple of days ago here at Incheon Munhak Baseball stadium. The league’s opening day started at April 1st.

Love their new logo too, Athena with her trusted Baseball bat, glove, Wyverns shield… and not to mention, her owl sidekick.


50 thoughts on “The Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War threw out the first pitch in the KBO, using a Bazooka spear

  1. Love it. They seem to have more interest in Western cultural history than we do. I agree with historio on the batter. Wise move.

    I didn’t see any wyverns, though.

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      • I actually have several hawks patrolling the skies around here (along with 2 Bald Eagles). They occasionally bomb a squirrel out of existence in the back yard. It’s freakin awesome!


        • really, I wanna be you. I’m guessing them little things got 5 to 7 ounces of edible meat hanging off their little bones. Where the hell is gator? We need ourselves a squirrel stew recipe steeped in Sumerian mythology.


        • Did I ever mention that I studied falconry for years when I lived in England?

          As far as squirrel stew, I do have a modified recipe for game pie from one of the ungodly fabulous taverns in Colonial Williamsburg. Let me see if I can dig it out of the files….


        • No I don’t recall you mentioning anything about falconry, but I do stand with the garlic at the ready.

          In the meantime, during your scholarly labors, I will keep myself ready with daily nightcaps of grocery store purchased, microwaveable, white castle cheeseburger sliders. They come in plastic sealed packages of two. You’re supposed to unseal the package, pull them apart by a little and nuke them for a minute. I’ve found that the best thing to do is leave them sealed and nuke them for 40 seconds – let the shit stand (allow a still moisture enclosed thermal equilibrium to continue) for however long it takes for you to take a much needed piss,

          Then clip snip the end of their plastic bag. Hit whatever sort of resume button you got with one of the twenty seconds left to go, so as not to not awaken crabby ass old women mrshappytwinsfan with a bunch of ready to go beeps. After that you can glup on some extra mayo or maybe slop on some jahlepinoies, but most importantly grab yourself some extra handfuls of sour cream onion chips to go to sleep on, to wake up to a better day then the day before.

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  2. Nice, but I will point out that unlike the logo the Mascot was sporting some serious cleavage. Come on guys, can we drop the silly fantasy trope? There is NO way a woman is going to battle in armor that will leave such a vital area (the chest no less) completely unprotected.

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    • The team’s main mascot will be Athena, but I think her Owl sidekick will most likely get the more screen time, especially when it comes to conversing with kids. But still though, this is the KBO we’re talking about, where fanservices are sky high.


    • How many times did you run around in Skyrim naked in 3rd person because ” you can really see more of the layout guys” with a grin on your lips? Really…..asking for a friend.


  3. I hope they did a good cleanup after that horse and chariot.

    “A long drive into the gap, the centerfielder has a bead on it… he’s on the warning track… oh, it looks like he’s slipped on a pile of horseshit. Too bad…”


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