Site Update: Fan-Interference Chat!

Just in time for opening day, I am very excited to announce the addition of our own dedicated chat channel!

Back when we first got started, there was a great suggestion to offer a chat for the site. A place we can all get together and talk about whatever the fun topics of the day or easily watch the free game of the day together. It also offers a great method to get in contact with any of the writers on staff. I wanted to make sure we had something that worked for both desktop, mobile, and tablet. It looks like it will work well on all major platforms, although I can’t promise anything for those of you on kindle or blackberry. I also wanted to get something that was not filled with a ton of annoying ads, or required a users to hand over their personal information. If you are using a web-browser, you do not have to signup for an account, although the mobile app may require registration. I actually do recommend registration as it will not only allow you to reserve your account and name, but will make staying connected to us a lot easier.  Please use the same handle you use on the site so we can more easily identify you.

Click the link here to get started.

If that link does not work try this one.

If none of the above work, try registering and then click on this link.

Let me know which link works for you so I can add it to the title bar.

I’ll see you in chat!





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