Andrew Miller Is More Of A Badass Than You

Andrew Miller is kind of a bad-ass.  I mean, not only is he one of the top relievers in the league, but just the other day he managed to break his hand and decided Eh, screw it, I’m gonna pitch anyways.  Meanwhile, I’m gonna go ahead and call out of work because I sneezed so hard I threw my back out.

Miller sustained a chip fracture of his right wrist Wednesday when hit by a line drive off the bat of Atlanta’s Willians Astudillo’s liner.

”I think I can work around it,” Miller said Thursday before the Yankees played St. Louis. ”I’m not too worried, it’s my right hand.”

Miller will see a hand specialist in the next few days.

”I have some swelling, some soreness,” Miller said. ”All things considered, better than I expected.”

Miller was the Yankees closer last year, and will again serve in that capacity while Aroldis Chapman serves his 30 game suspension.  Last season, Miller pitched to a 194 ERA+, .859 WHIP, and 100 SO to 20 BB over 61.2 innings.

22 thoughts on “Andrew Miller Is More Of A Badass Than You

  1. Whatever. Miller has nothing on me.

    While splitting wood last fall I was holding the edge of a piece that wouldn’t stand on its own as I hit the wedge with a 5 lb sledge…the sledge glanced off the wedge on one swing and hit my thumb, crushing it against the edge of the log.

    I swore, cursed, spit, jumped, yelled, and bitched. I felt around on it some and it didn’t make any grinding noises, and I could kinda wiggle the base of it a little….so I was good to go. I had just started that session of splitting and wasn’t giving up on my planned progress, it wasn’t so easy to swing a maul for a while, but I split wood for a couple of more hours that day and for 4 more on Sunday.

    I now have about 80% of the range of motion back in the thumb…but for a couple of months, there were places that had little or no feeling and I couldn’t bend the last joint at all.

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      1. Whatever. Split enough wood by hand and you’ll eventually hit something with a hammer that you wish you didn’t hit.

        He’s playing with a little owwy on his off arm and likely will have all the best pain meds at his disposal. That isn’t tough.


        1. Having worked as a framer in a previous life…..yup!

          However, after the Matt Harvey post about him being pee shy enough to piss blood, eh….I think Miller’s a stud!


        2. I’ve split plenty of wood. I’ve never done something as colossally stupid as swinging a sledge at a piece I was holding. Also, continuing on rather than getting it checked out isn’t tough, it’s dumb.


        3. A lot of the wood I get isn’t flat on either end and won’t stand on it’s own. The options are to give it away or do what I can to split it. Besides, it isn’t like I directly hit my hand, I hit the wedge, but the hammer slid across the top as the wedge moved.

          It was a non-dislocated break. All they would have said was to be careful with it and given me a split I would have never worn because it makes you one-handed…..the drugs would have been nice though.


  2. No, he’s not. Wake me when he’s pitching with a compound fracture.

    I gave birth. That alone makes me more bad ass, but I was doing laundry and heavy duty housework against medical advice two days later with stitches everywhere.
    I had my wisdom teeth removed in the morning and was in the gym that afternoon.
    I refused surgery in a perforated gastric ulcer because “it’s just gas, dammit!”

    I did all of that IN THE SAME DAY!

    You have no idea how bad-ass I am. 😉


      1. I have heard from women who have had babies and have also had the pleasure of passing kidney stones that the pain is comparable. Congrats. You’re a bad ass who had a bouncing baby kidney stone. 🙂

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        1. I have a fairly high level of pain tolerance. I’ve broken both pinkies while out hiking … and had the scare of a minor skull fracture as a kid.

          On men, on the kidney stone, as you’re surely aware, the male anatomy causes a certain “backup” with a kidney stone blockage. To put it bluntly, my left nut was going nuts.


        2. Gotcha. Otherwise, fellow men, now you know why I seconded Indy on the Harvey piece. Don’t hold it! And drink enough liquids in the first place. (And watch out; too much iced tea may make some types of stones worse.)


        3. Dementia….” My cheerios taste like purple but at least the cat has a raincoat, has anyone seen my waffle detector? When I was younger my older sister WAS my grandfather for at least 12 photo albums but the weather was perfect and the parrot ate my galoshes…where the FUCK is the keys to the cellar window and WHY the fucking FUCK is Trump running for president?”….


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  3. When I lived in Las Vegas, one of my favorite hobbies was landscaping. Every rock, boulder, cactus, flower and palm tree on the property was (eventually) placed there by my hands. One day, I was working outside and dusk was approaching as I was finishing up a project. All I was doing was using a little shovel to sweep some rocks level on this incline. I wasn’t paying attention and I would up slamming my index finger into a Golden Barrel cactus.

    The quill went under my fingernail and broke off. The pain was absolutely exquisite and it rocketed from my finger to my shoulder instantaneously. I couldn’t remove the fragment, but I could see and feel it. After about a minute, I went back to work.

    Like, two months later, the piece of quill, which was about half an inch long, came back out, but along the top of my fingernail.


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