The Midnight Snack – Monday

Hello, friends. I’m not quite up to my usual, cheerful self, but I’m feeling better than I was. I was reminded today that I am a strong woman. It doesn’t always feel like it, but kinda like pre-serum Steve Rogers, I get knocked down and I keep going. I can do this all day. I am stronger than I seem. So let’s celebrate that by knocking Adolf in the jaw 200 times! Or, in lieu of that, let’s have some music to get us started. Not that I expect anyone to like this – maybe my ladies will.

Here Comes Scooter Cottontail:  Yesterday was Easter Sunday, a time when many families get together for fun and fellowship. At Brewers’ camp, the role of Team Easter Bunny was given to my small child, second baseman Scooter Gennett.

As Scooter himself said, he got the gig because he’s young and the shortest guy on the team (he’s routinely made fun of because of his height – during Christmas Kyle Lohse asked if he was one of Santa’s elves).

Ol’ Scoots got into the Hippity Hoppity spirit with the kids, and some of the hippity got into his hop, because afterwards Gennett hit two home runs in that afternoon’s spring training game.

Let’s hope our little Brewers Bunny can find that spring in his step all year long.

Doggone: I’ve been documenting ballpark eats this offseason and we have a few more new offerings from teams this evening. Here’s some new noms from the Phillies:

The Korean Pork Belly sandwich sounds AMAZING. That’s like everything I would want in a sandwich. I betcha it’ll set you back $20, though. And even an avowed hot dog hater like myself can find something delicious on this menu – the Asian Dog sounds great, as does the Sonoran Dog (sans onion, of course).

Our friends at Chase Field are at it again. This time, they aren’t content to offer doggie concessions. Now, they are offering premium ‘dog’ at their concessions. The D’Backs are not strangers to unique eats, and they are raising the bar this year as well. They are offering a chili verde mac and cheese hot dog, which honestly doesn’t look half bad. Definitely better than some other dogs I can mention (looking at you, T.E.D.). They will also be offering gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches (yum) and a vegan po’ boy sandwich. Yes, an actual vegan sandwich, and it looks and sounds awesome. I’d probably chow down on it.

As usual, if you know of any tasty ballpark foods, let us know in the comments below.

21 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Monday

  1. The Easter Bunny is the fucking scariest of all the Holiday mascots. A 6 foot tall white rabbit with dead eyes and giant teeth. I’ll take a Halloween zombie over that Easter Bunny.

    Chick-fil-a at Citizens Bank Park? Homophobic chicken is so delicious. Seriously, it tastes so good. I don’t buy their food anymore, but if someone caters a party with some of that anti-gay delicately fried chicken, I am destroying it. Their lemonade is great too.

    Love the song, Prof. I can dance to it. 🙂

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      1. I don’t think their food is that great. It’s okay, but over-priced, and not because the employees are getting superior contraceptive or gynecological care.


      2. Aziz on point yet again. God, I love him. I extra pissed at Chick-fil-a for being so goddamned delicious and stupid because I can kill those waffle fries. I can resist most french fries but I can eat my own body weight in their waffle fries.

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  2. Do they get a lot of the Amish at the ballpark in Philly?

    (PS Amish is my second least favorite word mispronounced by Texans. The first, of course, is Vietnam.)


      1. Oh, I know there’s a big community in PA, it’s just the idea of them coming to the park and requiring “their” food tickled me. Most people who eat “Amish food” at restaurants and stuff are not Amish anyway.


        1. Also, there’s some Amish and also Mennonite peeps here in my area, and I see them at Culver’s getting a burger. So *shrug emoji


    1. I remember meeting my first Texan as a child. He was a blond cherub with blue eyes and a bowl cut visiting his cousins, and my playmates in Astoria, New Yawk. He opened his mouth. “You tawk funny!” I said.
      He said, “Ah tahk funny?! Y’all the ones who tahk funny!” And he was not wrong. We all played a lot of baseball that summer.


  3. Sonoran Dog sounds great. And I’m sure that pork belly sandwich is too.

    One good thing as I have gotten older. Those chick-fil-a sandwiches taste bland and salty as my tastes change. Makes ’em easier to boycott. Although I am not as hard on them as I am on Hobby Lobby.


    1. The grilled ones are delicious too. 290 calories, marinated, with multigrain bread roll, tomato, romaine lettuce… So good. Healthy delicious fast food.

      Also, I am sorry you are losing your sense of taste. 😛 natural part of the aging process.

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      1. Nope, very much not a fan of Chik-Fil-A chicken. There’s a sweet flavor in their chicken that ruins it for me (maybe it’s the bigotry). Their waffle fries are good, but so are the Ore-Idas I can fry up at home.


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